Small, but unexpected positive improvement post stroke!

Was so surprised at this, decided to share it with the forum. I’ve had an ugly patch of scaly psoriasis on my left elbow & extending down the back of my forearm for at least ten years. Put it down to leaning on a desk at work. No amount of vigorous exfoliating, slathering on creams or, horrible habit, picking off scales till sore & bleeding.
Nearly three months post stroke, I’ve suddenly discovered it has disappeared completely & is smooth, normal skin. A very small but welcome improvement in the midst of achingly slow progress generally!


Sorry, should have explained this is on affected arm.


@Ozscot any improvement is a great one. I should imagine it has made quite a big difference to you. Psoriasis can be horrid.

Hopefully the rest of your recovery will catch up soon.

Best wishes



This is fascinating to me. I have so many friends and family with autoimmune diseases. They are all detrimental to daily life, and sometimes deadly. I wonder if you immune response was damaged with your stroke and has reset to a more normal response? I know you can’t know any more than I do, but it would be a wonderful thought if the medical community could use that information to find the right area of the brain to reset the immune response in others.

I am so happy for this relief for you. I know psoriasis to be very painful, itchy and aggravating for those who have it as well as the lung and arthritis issues associated with it. I pray it stays gone.


I have Dementieva memory loss and Neuropathy from Dietetic 2 type


I miss talking with you. I am inspired by you. You are more affected than I am, yet here you are…You still find a way to get here, to speak with others and give your help. Thank you Porsha! @msporshakimberly


I agree, DeAnn,

It seems that the body re-evaluates damage (in this case an auto-immune system issue) and has a go at repairing old injuries. I had a mini-stroke in my right eye about 3 years ago (not my main stroke that I had 1 year ago) and there was damage to the lower half of my visual field. This is considered irreparable but I have the feeling that that my body is attempting to repair it, and has succeeded up to a point.

ciao, Roland