Slurring Words

Hello Everyone,

when I try and have a conversation with anyone, I’m still slurring my words (especially when I’m getting tired or trying to talk quickly).

By the funny looks I get, most people assume, I’m either on drugs or drunk. This even happened up at the doctors surgery the other day when I was trying to arrange a repeat prescription for myself. The receptionist gave me a sideways look when I started to slurr. Surely with all the info they have on me ( on their computer screens in front of them) they must know my problem?



You would think that they would have the information at their finger tips.  And use this to help you appropriately.  I have a similar issue at my surgery getting sick certificates posted to me for work.  They tried to insist I collect the certificate even though I was unable to walk into the surgery at one time.  Plus the cost of a taxi there and back is about £15 against the cost of a first class stamp.

I have thought for some time that certain  GP receptionists have a different outlook on things when compared to the rest of planet earth . Maybe if as Colin suggests us S.S's and family should live in Malta or a similar lovely island could we dispatch unhelpful receptionists to another planet ??????

I think that even if they didn't have the info in front of them, they should still show consideration, surely it goes with the territory ?? 

We've pretty much got everything covered for moving to Malta, there are so many skills between the folks on this site, we'd be fine.  JJM would make beds and cook, Colin would run the accounts and serve cups of tea, Tony is going to run the library, John & Veronica will teach a dance class, etc not a receptionist in sight ??

Sounds amazing tell me when to book my ticket ????

Hey. We’re up for it! Doesn’t have to be Malta, just our own little haven! Lol!! ??

You have triple A pass no ticket necessary ?

Great Strictly tonight - ooh it's getting tight!!

Come on down!


I agree there are so many great dancers. 

Oh we’re missing the excitement. I’ll try and sneak a catch up in the morning.. John follows this programme. Our friends watched rugby catch up then Question Time from last night.... no worries! 

Can’t have to be in ?? 

Hello Kay,

Thank you for your reply to my post, I’m fairly fortunate that I only have to travel a short distance to my GP’s surgery (I can walk it, just about ). But why a repeat prescription cannot be easily done over the phone I don’t know? I had to make an appointment with my GP to go along and get him  to hand it over to me ( all fairly time consuming ). I can only think, it’s to carry out a few tests to see if I need the same or different medication? The main thing about the receptionists desk in my GP’s surgery, is it’s in a position where all your medical details can be overheard with the rest of the patients in the waiting area, so everyone else knows who you are, your date of birth, where you live, and your condition etc ( thank goodness there’s a toilet nearby where I can give a Yep , it seems all receptionists have had the same training in the same school on how to be loud without a sense of humour!


How true! 

I do my repeat prescriptions online. Sent to the chemist and delivered to my door. 

Keeping dealings with receptionists to a minimum hooray! 


I was talking to a friend last w/end, she has a lot of meds to take, and two small children to look after, so she has all her meds made into blister packs at the pharmacy, (that way she can't make mistakes if distracted by the children).  

They arrange them so that all she has to do is look for (e.g.) Monday/evening and all the meds are there!  Magic!  I think this is a service that you are able to get from the chemist, you may need to do some investigating.  She lives in Essex, but it's probably available in most areas, might be worth looking into.  

I believe in Receptionist College, you have to spend the first term learning how to make grumpy faces, huffing & puffing, & ignoring patients, Term 2, the art of patronising questions.  I shouldn't be unkind, nearly all of our receptionists are lovely, friendly and helpful - very fortunate.  Hopefully once your meds are sorted there shouldn't be any reason why you need to keep seeing the GP, other than for a review?  

Have a good day   

Thanks again for your kind reply NicABella. The trouble is, I very rarely seem to see the same doctor every time I go for an appointment ( as it’s a group practice, with about 8 different GP’s! ). They’re all so young, probably just come out of med school? or I’m getting too Seriously, I doubt if any of them are much over 30! Thanks for your info on the med, I wonder if the pharmacy in my local super market would do this, rather than me going to a chemist’s?



Might be worth a try.  

Yes it's scary when the GPs look as though they shouldn't be out later than 9pm without a grown-up.  I think we're incredibly lucky with our practice, the 'oldies' instill a really good ethos throughout the staff and even the youngsters are good - maybe good mentoring?


Hi Brugge, 

You should be able to nominate any pharmacy of your choice to supply your medication.  Whether they are base in the local supermarket or a chemist same "rules " apply. They should also be able request repeat prescriptions for you.  The don't deliver. But if you're going there for your groceries not an issue. Until going to Tesco's became an issue for me I used the local Tesco's. 

Hope you can switch and it makes your life easier.  




Thanks Kay.