Slurring of Speech

Hello Everyone,

when I saw the specialist he was pleased that I had full mobility and that my eyesight had returned back to normal, then he made a comment about my speech. Until he said that I was still slurring my words, I never actually realised, no one around me had said anything, and I thought that it only happened when I got tired. Another disappointment!


Morning Brugge

I'm sorry to see you're struggling to sleep, hopefully the tips other users have offered you will help, but you may also find some support in our Fatigue section as although it focuses on dealing with fatigue after stroke, it does cover how to manage with sleep issues also -

Also, our leaflet on fatigue may be of value -

In terms of your slurred speech, it may be worth asking your GP for a referral to a speech and language therapist.

Take care


Thank you for your reply to my post Vicki, I’ll click on those sites and get some more info.