Slurred Speech

I had a stroke whilst I having my regular morning run of forty five minutes I had been runing for about fifteen minutes when I suddenly fell to the pavement.A woman spotted me and called a ambulance.I heard one of the paramedics mention my speech was slurred but do not remember much after that.I did not notice any speech problems whilst in hospital but started getting problems when I got home and still have them now.I had the stroke on August 31st last year so was wondering how long this will last.One other question not sure why I had the stroke as I was fit and healthy running every morning non smoker very little alchohol

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@Laserbeam welcome to the forum, sorry you’ve had a stroke. In relation to your speech have you been referred to a speech & language therapist? If not I’d suggest asking for a referral from your GP or Stroke Consultant. My speech wasn’t affected so unable to advise on that.
You don’t say what caused your stroke but I too was fit & healthy when I had my stroke. I ran 3 times a week, walked every day, never smoked, didn’t drink alcohol. Sadly being fit & healthy doesn’t always stop these things happening although it does lower the risk. I had a carotid artery dissection but with no known reason for it so was told I was unlucky. Hopefully you’re on medication now that will help with the stroke risks.
Best of luck for your recovery.

Ann x
Best wishes.

Welcome Laserbeam. Many of us considered ourselves fit and healthy before stroke hit. I had, and still have, slightly slurred speech. I am only really conscious of it if I talk too quickly. I was given mouth exercises to do, but slowing down speech and focussing on pronunciation helps.

Hi @Laserbeam , welcome to the forum. I, like JJM also have very slightly slurred speech which was worse in the early days in hospital but they did some speach therepy and left me with some speach excercised which almost eradicated it within a week or so. It is still there slightly and becomes more obvious when I am really tired.
My stroke was over a year ago but I’m surprised they haven’t been doing any speach therepy with you.
I guess it may depend on where the stroke hit. Mine was a right side MCA with right side ICA occlusion (just had to look that up!). This mainly knocked out my left side arm, leg etc.

I hope you can get some help to work on your speach and the rest of you recovery goes well.

All the best.

Hi, welcome to this forum. I’m sorry you have suffered a stroke. I’m 5 years post stroke and although I wasn’t running or going to the gym, I have never smoked, I enjoyed the occasional glass of wine and never been over weight but suffered a hemorrhagic stroke age 56 caused by high blood pressure that I didn’t know I had. My consultant said I was very unlucky.

I like to think that although this doesn’t prevent you having a stroke, I’m hoping that these things will stand you in good stead for recovery. Time will tell !!

Thank’s for all the replies much appreciated am just looking at my discharge letter and it says I had a Right Hemisphere TACS Whatever that means,I had a mechanical thrombectomy from my groin.I have never had high blood pressure as I check my self fairly regularly,I suffered with left sided weakness and Dysarthria and as I am on Warfarin for a replacement heart valve cannot understand how I got a clot.I was admitted on August 31st and Discharged September 7th.

I am in the process of applying to do some volunteering at my hospital as they have done so much for me,Before the stroke I was admitted with heart problems and needed a replacement aortic valve and prior to that following a bad accident at work I nearly lost my right leg it was touch and go so the surgeon said.So I feel I should give something back.I intend doing three mornings of three houRS.


@Laserbeam thats amazing well done you. Prior to my stroke I did lots of volunteering. It’s not possible right now but in time I hope to get back to it. I got loads of satisfaction from it. I’m sure you will too. Best of luck.

Hi @Laserbeam I had my stroke 2 years ago and the hospital said that I didn’t have aphasia. But when I got home I noticed that I couldn’t speak a simple sentence without running out of breath. I also have problems speaking some words out loud.

It took me a while to accept my aphasia as I didn’t talk to people and left it to my partner to interpret that I was saying. I also lost my English accent which I had for over 30 years.

I didn’t sign up for speech therapy as my stroke happened in the middle of the pandemic. But the speaking got better with music therapy. I enrolled a voice coach to help me.

Keep talking and don’t feel embarrassed.