Sleepy and weaknes

I am 10 week into my mild stroke. My stroke team can to see !y I have been feel very fatigue sleeply and a bit weak. Is this normal or could the statins I take any insights thanks des

Hello Des, the degree of fatigue is not representative of the type of stroke, a mild stroke can result in the same level of fatigue as a major stroke. Sleepiness, and weakness can be stroke symptoms, but unfortunately they can also be adverse effects of medication. Sometimes, switching meds to night can produce a better quality of day. Statins seem to be a point of controversy, and a few of us are trying to get to the bottom of their effects. Statins can produce muscle weakness, this can effect all sorts of things, more than likely if you are having a reaction to the statins it may be exacerbating your fatigue. We are currently discussing them, and breathlessness on a thread here. Ten weeks is very early in stroke recovery, your brain hasn't finished making new pathways using neuroplasticity yet, it will at least take six months for this process to finish. If you push it, or overdo, it can make fatigue worse. Some people do this, and then go backwards because the brain needs as much repair rest as possible. 

Yes I have been reading the debate ? it is dawning on me that this is s long journey. The consultant on the stroke ward said I would be back doing most things in four weeks so e hope I think notzmy stroke team says there is no timetable and are going to get me to write a fatguie dairy so we will see thanks

Hi des I've been doing a fatigue diary too and when you actually write down what you do it's not surprising we feel tired there's that balance if you don't do much in the day that also makes you tired ...I'm having bit of a lazy day today ,think it's the weather change its got cooler ...pippy

Thanks yes I. Amazing what we could do pre stroke but now takes so much more energy I have now come to realise that is a long road ahead and work is somewhere off if ever hope all is well des x

Hi des ,yes it does zap more of our energy with each task we do ,but we will build ourselves up ,sometimes I do take on far to much but I need to build on my stamina ,as I'm back to work in September,fingers crossed ...hope your ok ...pippy