Sleepless in Gateshead

Since my Stroke in May (this year), the problem with my right leg is not getting any better. Feels like a tree stump is an understatement to be honest. Physiotherapist is visiting & I'm doing some exercises (those I can anyway). But to be honest it's flogging a dead horse. And now the left leg is beginning to show the same symptoms.  The thing is, I still find it hard to get a good sleep, which in turn is making me more snappy and irritable, have to push myself to do mediocre little things.. find myself constantly switching channels on the tv as I get bored or is it I can't concentrate.

Never mind though, whatever, it's Christmas so smile and let's hope it



It is early days in your recovery. No way flogging a dead horse. Remember that your legs were not damaged, it is only the messaging system. So keep trying and keep moving those legs.

Getting good sleep is essential to your recovery. It took me many many months to get good sleep. I tried everything, extra pillows, different mattress, different bedroom etc etc. even sleeping with a light on. eventually i learnt that i needed to go to bed at 10pm and that i needed 7.5 hrs sleep.

it was hard to keep to the 10pm bed time, but i learnt it was so much better for my well being.

Tonight is a failure, so i am up and watching tv past midnight. I will work hard to get back to 10pm. Obviously 10 pm and 7.5 hrs will not be your ideal, but you need to suss out what is right for you.

i watch too much TV and its not good for me. 

maybe some new years resolutions .??