Hello Everyone, 

I’m managing to get my depression under control, but I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping. I can never get a full 8 or 9 hours sleep all at once. I might sleep for 2 or 3 hours,then get up in the early hours of the morning fully wide awake. This has been going on now for a good couple of months. I was wondering whether I should see my GP for some sleeping Pills? Although I don’t really want  to get addicted to these, if I can help it. Does anyone know of any good ways to get continued sleep?


Hi Brugge

I am glad you have managed to get your depression under control, but do be reassured that coping with the long term effects of stroke, trying to overcome and adapt to these changes and accepting lasting difficulties can cause stroke survivors to experience a range of emotions. These feelings may also happen because of the damage that has happened to your brain. You may also struggle to come to terms with what has happened to you, or feel afraid about what will happen. These emotions can seem worse when you are feeling tired or fed-up.

It may take a while for your body to adjust, maybe meditation would help you to sleep better during the night? You could talk to your GP and see if they have any alternative support for you in regards to sleeping better, which may not include sleeping tablets. 

Hopefully someone else on the site will have some invaluable advice for you as lack of sleep can be a real drain on you.

Take care


Thank you Vicki,for your kind reply to my post. Something I didn’t consider was meditation, I’ll definitely give it a go. Like you say, having a stroke is having a serious brain injury, which when damaged can cause many mental issues, which may take a considerable amount of time to come to terms with. Just as I seem to get on top of life, the depression returns,but I have to be positive and maintain a sense of humour. Being here on Stroke Guide is a great help, together with going along to my local Stroke meetings and talking to other SS is also a great help.


Meditation or mindfulness can help settle the mind somewhat. If you're up for it, I would also advocate some exercise, even if limited, in the open air. 


Fresh air, light exercise (if possible), clearing the clutter in your head, and stopping use of electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime may help. Having a set routine might also re-set your body clock.

Thank you for your reply Adrian.

I certainly will try the things you suggest. Even though my sleep pattern is disturbed, I’m not feeling too tired at the moment, but I guess if I don’t get a fairly regular sleep pattern soon, it may begin to show?