Sleep Study

Hello Everyone, 

I’ve just received a letter from the hospital for a sleep study appointment. 

It says the study will record my breathing and other indicators  while I’m asleep through the night in my own home. I’ve got to collect the equipment myself but have to return it to the hospital the next day. Has anyone done this? If I don’t comply I’ll be discharged back to the care of my GP, so the letter says!


I may have missed some earlier information, but aren't studies usually entered into on a voluntary basis?  Or is this a procedure?  Rather intimidating tone - it would put my hackles up for sure - gggrrrr

Hi NickAbella,

Thanks for your reply to my post.

Yes, I did think it was slightly intimidating, having to do as they say, and then saying if you don’t, you won’t get any further help from them in the future. The thing is, I am actually having trouble with my sleep, they must of picked it up from the consultant I saw a few weeks ago? But to lose out on any further treatment for the stroke is disturbing.


I think the whole situation may be in need of clarification of expectations - theirs and yours.  I'm sure most hospitals, surgeries, clinics have mission statements about how they will deliver services, work together to achieve best outcomes blah, blah - maybe they need to refer back to those well-intentioned phrases ?

Hi Brugge, John has had a test where he had to wear a sleep monitor for 8 hours. The hospital Consultant had set it to start at 10.30 pm and was told it would switch off automatically next morning. He has an irregular heartbeat which seems to create sleep apnoea (scary when you’re waiting for him to start breathing again ,,,,,,but I’ve got sharp elbows lol!) The results seemed to be reassuring as the Consultant wrote to say all was ok. It was first noticed when he was admitted for the Stroke. Maybe they’re just checking every aspect if you’ve been having sleep problems. Hope it works out well for you. Veronica