Sleep Aids

My mum is recovering in hospital from a stroke and she is struggling to sleep, which is slowing down her progress with physio / recovery. I was thinking that some audio books might help relax / distract her on an evening. Has this worked for anyone? Is there a particular device that you would recommend? Thank you

I haven’t tried any but I have a friend who swears by audio books. I think she just downloads them on her phone but I’m not sure of the app she uses.
I sometimes listen to music if I can’t sleep. Just plug my earphones into my iPad and leave it to play.

I have a pillow speaker plugged into my bedside radio. I have the radio permanently tuned to “The Concert Program”, between midnight and 6 am this program is pre-recorded and has no announcers, no news, no weather forecasts and no advertisments. This means that when I switch it on there is nothing to interfere with my listening and nothing to excite or disturb me. I find this an ideal way to induce sleep. If I dont like the music I merely put my hand under the pillow and slide the speaker away. It cant be heard by my partner.

I asked for, and got, non addictive sleeping tablets.

I use a Bluetooth sleeping headband which I play ambient sleep tracks via Spotify when I am in company. When I sleep alone, I have an Alexa which I, usually, play ocean wave playlists from Spotify during the day, and drone and drift ambient space music at night. Lavender is a soothing scent for relaxation and sleep, I put a few drops on my pillow but if I had my way I would release the fragrance throughout the room via an oil burner.

Oh, I really feel for your Mum. The noises and other distractions in hospitals during the day and night are enough to drive you mental! When I was in hospital I listened to Eddie Izzard (probably not your Mum’s cup of tea). Any in-ear headphones will do (I couldn’t really move much, so they didn’t get pulled out).
I’ve found that anything interesting or amusing relaxes me and I drop off to sleep fairly rapidly (most of the time). The BBC Sounds app is good, or Audible(a bit pricy). The local library has hundreds of audiobooks that can be downloaded for free, as long as you have a library card. Any tablet or smartphone would be perfectly adequate for any of these apps. You don’t say whether there is wifi on the ward. If there isn’t you would need to download things elsewhere.

Oh, missed the hospital context while writing my reply. Ignore oil burners and smart speakers then … :woozy_face: