Sizzle After Stroke - Cooking class in Dundee

:stuffed_flatbread: Join us for our Sizzle After Stroke cooking classes, in partnership with the Dundee Cooking Academy. :pancakes:

Sizzle After Stroke is a series of 3 free cooking classes hosted by Lewis Donegan and his team at the fantastic Dundee Cooking Academy.

The Sizzle After Stroke class has been specifically developed for stroke survivors to enjoy a fun afternoon of cooking, chatting and laughing ! Carers and partners are also welcome to attend with you for support.

Cooking classes will be held on the 1st, 15th and 22nd June from 11am - 2pm We would be looking for you to attend all 3 classes over the course of the month. Each class will focus on a different recipe and cooking technique, all of which you will discuss as a group ahead of the next session. These classes are designed to be influenced by the attendees, we want you to have the best experience !

The classes are very relaxed, with plenty of breaks and time to chat. The cooking benches, seating area and rest rooms are all on the same level. There are 3 steps up into the academy, please let us know if you will need support to access the building.

We can provide raised seating and adapted equipment if you feel this would help you while cooking. There will be an element of standing required during the class, however you can bring a carer/partner with you to help on the day.

Contact: Gaby Beattie at for more info.

To sign up to the cooking class, book your place here: Sizzle After Stroke - The Dundee Cooking Academy Tickets, Thu 1 Jun 2023 at 11:00 | Eventbrite


Sadly a bit far for me to travel but sounds like a great idea.


Totally understand that @Mrs5K, hopefully we’ll have more of these events popping up for other locations, will post them on the forum once I hear more. :blush:


what a great idea, as @Mrs5K said a tad too far.


I’m late to the party again. So everyone went home?

These events would be great nation wide, perhaps they could somehow be arranged by the regional teams of the Stroke Association?

I’m sure they would encourage interaction, be confidence building, as well as give help with attaining independence, plus I’d like to attend one.

Keep on keepin’ on
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Hey Bobbi!

I’ll be sure to feed that back to our coordinators team about the cooking classes, I’d love to see them up and running as well, having attended the one in Dundee myself a few months ago, I can say it really was such a lovely experience and everyone I met there really enjoyed themselves as well. :slight_smile:



In one of his television presentations Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall introduced a bunch of ladies, i think from a Womens’ Group, to sourdough bread. If I remember correctly, he ran a demonstration where each of them got to make their own loaf to bake at home in their own oven. It was a success for all concerned.
I’ve hunted but been unable to find the TV program or any such YouTube video.

I bet something like that would be very popular and also quite do-able.

There are all sorts of possibilities but making something to share in the kitchen has to be a useful and good experience.