Six months reflection on recovery from a stroke survivor

A former student had a stroke. Here is his reflection on the recovery process.

”Today marks six months post stroke. During this journey several lessons have been learned.


First, I don't know everything and the wife actually might be right.

Second, just because you think you can do something does not mean that you should.

Third, have patience. Even though I was making a land mark recovery, over doing and overtaxing just slows things down.

Fourth, being defensive is just counterproductive. Suggestions are not an attack on my abilities.

Fifth, be thankful to those who helped you and protected you. I never knew how many people had my back and were looking out for me.”

So true. Even after five years I still tend to overdo things. I have certainly learnt how to be patient.

I am in total agreement.  I like the second point as I tend to do things 'because I can' which leads onto the third point, as I tend to overdo things and then I am defensive when 'good intentions' and 'suggestions' are given by those who help and love me.  Overall, a fab reminder and a reassurance that it is ok to be patient and let the recovery take it's natural course, rather than trying too hard, which results in delaying things!  Thank you!

I am motivated by your reflection, rick.. my prayers to almighty to bless you.

My brother is going to pass 6 month mark on 15th of November.. 



Thanks for sharing. I have just passed 7 months since the stroke.  Still struggling, but ought to be patient after all.  

I couldn't have written it better myself. My wife certainly agrees.

I'm at nine months and still learning to be patient, did too much recently and the fatigue came back.

Thanks for the post.