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Anyone else had a problem getting on here in the last couple of days?  It's been a bit hit and miss at my end for a while. Does anyone know a quick way of getting back to the first page i.e., the list of the last ten posts?  If you click on a post on the first page, and then want to get back to finish off reading the other last ten posts, it takes me back to a different list and then if I click back again, I get a message saying URL not found so I have to keep logging in to carry on reading.  Either it's me or it's a long winded way of navigating the site!

I am pretty sure the site is broken. Access has been intermittent over the past few days. What a pain. Us frequent users its just a nuisance, but imagine you are trying for the first time, barely able to think straight.

At the bottom of the page there is a big purple border. There are arrows < > then ^and down then - then +

If you press the < then you go back one stage, so you will arrive back at the previous page. Easy peasy when you know how but hopeless if you dont know and nigh on impossible to describe in words.

Keep on keeping on


Yes I have had problems over the last couple of days, there was a flash telling me to acept cookies which flagged up an error and was tricky to get rid of.  Seems to be working better today.

Well blow me down!  I've been on here for 2 and a half years and I never even saw that purple border until just now!  It just goes to show how difficult the site is for navigating when even a regular user can't work it out so I have every sympathy for newcomers!  Obviously my brain has only concentrated on the middle bit (the reading and writing bit) and disregarded everything else.  I don't have any eye problems but I do find reading a pain. I have to read and re-read everything - nothing sinks in on the the first attempt.

Thank you Colin - You're a star!

Your welcome. I didnt think much about this until I closed your reply. It then hit me how this little scenario is representative of what SS go through all the time. I too have trouble reading. And I dont take things in, some of the time I do and a lot of the time I dont. And how hard it is to vaguely keep up with electronic stuff. No one helps us. And no one has a clue what we are going through. Only another SS understands. As I struggled thru the rain this morning (a rarety in this exceptionally dry part of the country) to the supermarket, I thought again about how I should apply for a blue badge. The criteria is whether or not I can walk 35 metres. Which I can. Quite easily. And a lot further. But what I cant do is put a shopping trip together unless every part is planned out. So I dont go to Colchester because there are too many variables. Its only a half hour on the bus but I shy away from it.

Regarding this site I also think that the SA are way off beam with their understanding of us SS. Especially the  newcomers. I would not be using this site if the stroke got me after the old forum closed.Far too complex and vague. And I havent a clue about private messaging or "friends". Old sit was straight forward. You could see all posts but if you wanted to make them private you pressed the private button. Now that I could grasp.

Now I have my soapbox running, I would add that we really should have stroke dedicated follow up facilities. I pay for some physio etc but I dont know where to find the help and worse I dont understand what help I need to get. GPs cant possibly cope with me and mine was honest enough to say at the outset that he had no training and very little knowledge of stroke. GPs cant do everything. I am far away from the worst cases of disability yet my life has totally crashed with no hope of recovering a similar life. I will still smile, be positive and believe that things do improve. But theres so much more to it isnt there. And I have income without working. How people earn money as an SS I just dont understand. 

I now feel better for that airing. I wonder if anyone manages to read the whole post !


Hello Colin,    

I read to the end of your post and like Brenda I didn't realise the arrows were used to return to the list of topics people were writing about but I do now - thanks.


I hope you can get your blue badge if you decide to apply. My husband has lymphedema in both legs from his cancer surgery but was turned down for it as he was deemed to be able to walk quite well on the flat and did not use a stick, the assessment was a complete farce but I wish you luck with yours if you apply. 

The NHS website says there are over 1 million stroke survivors in the Uk who have various disabilities so it's no wonder that stroke care is so complex and often quite poor. I remember when I had my MRI scan, which we paid for privately, the consultant who reviewed the scan said he was sorry I'd had a stroke and we should contact my GP. We were in shock and could barely speak it was not what we expected to hear. From being on the forum I've realised there are so many types of stroke, some have physical disabilities others emotional issues so the subject is very complicated.

I haven't read the full article but on the NHS website it looks as if the NHS Long Term Plan set outs the ambitions for the NHS over the next 10 years, identifying stroke as a clinical priority. It's a bit of a long read but thought you and others might be interested.

Keep well.









Yes there has been a fault I had a response to my email today. See below 

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties yesterday morning. My apologies for the inconvenience, all has now been resolved and the website is back up and running.