Silly things we've done to beat the boredom!

Just for fun... what's the most boring thing, the most pointless thing, etc that you've done during lockdown that you've managed to do!  Mine are:-

Most boring - cleaning a cream, wooden window blind which took ages to do both sides but worth it because it now looks like new :)

Most pointless thing - today I decided to do my daily walk in reverse to test my brain. It's just under 2 miles around the houses where I live which I'm doing religiously because my gym, like all the rest in the country, is closed until further notice.  My brain didn't like it at first as it was different to the normal way so it was a good exercise for it.  Only thing was, normally most of the way home on my walk is downhill whereas today, I started it uphill.  EEEK! It felt strange and I could tell brain was flumaxed (sp?) as to why I wasn't walking on the same side of the road but we had a bit of fun between ourselves!

I've now just finished washing out all my make up brushes and my hair brush and comb and that's it. I'm having a rest now. Hope you are all coping OK as best we all can under these circumstances x

I put rock music on loud (on Now 80s TV) and rock out to feel happy haha!  Love dancing, always did, and if I have to hang onto a wheeled table now sometimes = so be it!!! Or watch Netflix or iplayer!  Thankfully, am not feeling low at all (atm). Peace guys!  yes

Walking in the park every day with my husband and dog and taking photos of the new tree growth and blossom.  I never take the time to do that normally!