Silly random thoughts about being a 'stroke recoverist'

There’s a miracle goes on inside an egg. We all know that inside the shell there is quite a quantity of clear goo. Without going into technicalities if we break that egg into a frying pan and heat with a little oil the goo turns into a rubbery white edible substance. An interesting process.
Deep breath.
Again, without diving down technical rabbit holes - of which there are plenty, if instead we leave that egg in its nest under its mummy’s bottom, then white rubbery stuff is not the outcome.
Instead, over time, that clear goo follows some pattern and sorts its self out into a number of different components which somehow plug themselves together. The clear goo becomes feathers, how on earth? A beak, two little legs and a pair of tiny wings somehow appear. These carefully stick themselves together in appropriate positions ready for the opening of the shell.
Another deep breath.
Once outside of the shell the conglomeration of bits and pieces, demonstrates its ability to make sound by emitting a cheep, who taught it how to do that and who showed it how to run around on those little legs? Somehow it all hangs together and works, presumably in the way that it should.
Miracles, religion, pseudo-science and experts aside there does seem to be some sort of directing influence at work here. I can’t explain it, it isn’t necessary for me to try, but it does lead me to an interesting and possibly useful conclusion.
Enough deep breaths, what am I rattling on about?
Well, having on occasion during my life become injured, damaged, I have noticed that repair occurs, sometimes quickly, sometimes over an extended period. It usually takes care of itself, but it is possible to intervene.
Being ancient has allowed time to take a hand in my state of being. What this means is that some scarring disappears and the status quo gets set back to somewhere near the origin state.
What I am trying to say is that if an individual is knocked off course then this ‘building, directing influence’ tries to get things back to where they belong, sometimes taking a long time to work through it all.
For this reason I feel optimistic about the future. I don’t think I’ll use the word recoverist ever again, but I can’t uninvent it.
This could also mean that I am a total dingbat, have got completely hold of things upside down.
I must admit that I do take a delight in talking twaddle occasionally.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:


A healthy life style, vitamin c, time outside in the fresh air, good food, a little of what you like and many more things on a long list, are important, vital even, components for a good outcome.

Unfortunately one piece is frequently passed over, avoided even, yet I am certain is essential.

Never underestimate the importance of a little FUN.



Hi Bobbi - always nice to read your thoughts and meanderings or, as you say so elegantly ‘twaddle’. Lifes ‘musings’ are a constant joy.



So kind. I do appreciate your comments.
In fact you inspire me towards more musing with additional twaddling.
I am sure it makes the world a better place.

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@Bobbi you’ve made me smile again. Your musings are great. Fun is most definitely on the cards here :grin:


Maybe we are “regenerating” like Dr Who :wink:

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I can almost hear the Doctor theme tune in the background right now

diddly dong, diddly dong

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Remember fifty odd years at college being intrigued by a glossy poster advertising a film about the wonders of the universe egg to bird, egg to fish egg to turtle, we all crowded in ,in expectation then did a quick U-turn when we realised we had been duped by the Christian Students Union who were recruiting. But Hey Ho it is all stuff worthy of some contemplation :thinking:.



The Random Thinkers are not recruiting right now, so you will be untroubled and safe.

You could always indulge in a little freelance thinkery, there is no rule against as far as I know.

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The day got better :+1:Think I was due for a good one. Leisurely walk to bus stop. With my shopping bag. 15 minutes In market town of Petersfield. Library book back, took me months to finish it. Kept looking at it then ‘ pow’ one day got the inclination and finished it over three days. Then bought some fruit and special biscuits for old chap I knew, who’d just disappeared without trace. We located him in care home. It appeared he’d fallen outside his home, He didn’t know he’d been stroked, very confused (89) No fruit at home apart from the odd banana in custard. He was a good gardener and grew grapes and figs. missed bus back :scream:. Then the stars shone on me. Didn’t know another bus route was available. Bit of await but home. Now a happy bunny. Bit of brain fog after all the excitement. Now got to keep cool over festive season. Three years ago books and beer. Now must be happy with the beer. Zoom looks clear for Friday unless I go a wassailing.
The tree all a naked O. Sue’s department to get her all dressed up in her glitter. We both bust a gut getting her inside , very waterlogged. A throw out I rescued five years ago. One of your Nordmannia firs hailing from the Caucasus . Holds onto her needles. Last year in for her, much as we love her she’s been given her freedom after Christmas to reach to the skies.
180’ .?

When she’s all togged up I’ll update u


I really like your ancient tree and wish it well on its journey to retirement.

So good you managed to trace the old guy, seems there are still one or two good eggs around.

Zoom today if you can. Phil will be there at 11.00 am

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