Silent Stroke

Hello, I’m new here.
I had. Brain MRI a couple of months back as I’m having balance issues and dizziness.
The result indicate I have a small infarct in my brain stem. My GP has put me on anti coag’s and bp meds, although my BP isn’t hugely raised.
Is anyone here had anything similar. Obviously I’m concerned I may have another.
Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum @Crazydaisy sorry you’ve had cause to join us but you’re very welcome.

My stroke wasn’t in my brain stem but was also put on anticoagulants. My BP was ok so not on BP meds but am on statins. I think, even if BP only slightly raised, because you’ve had a stroke they want to ensure its under control to minimise risk of another stroke.

Hopefully you will have a follow up with the stroke team where you can talk through any concerns you have.

Best wishes.

Ann x

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@Crazydaisy welcome to the forum, like @Mrs5K I too have not had a stroke in my brain stem , however bp meds and and anti coags is precautionary this will reduce the risk of another stroke. speak with your consultant or gp for advice good luck and visit here again

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