Signs of second stroke

Hello, my mum had a stroke three weeks ago, it effected her right side, she's able to walk but drags her foot, move her arm and fingers but no grip, her face had dropped but had become to pick up. She complains of feeling drunk when walking, now I've been told this can be normal. However I went to see her today and she said she couldn't see out of her right eye this morning. But it is fine now! And her face looks like it has dropped! She adamant I'm not to call the doctors and I fear she's had or having signs if a second stroke! She tells me to stop mithering and I will be the cause of her having another one. I'm just worried what are the signs of a second stroke? Tia x

Hi - I would definitely have someone check on your Mum's condition.  Stroke is a very strange event and anything is possible.  It will put your mind at rest, so maybe suggest it from that point of view.  I have found my husband can be quite stubborn and so I know it's difficult at times, but he's had a couple of 'funny turns' since his stroke, and in a couple of cases I've just called for help because the signs were so similar to those leading to his stroke.  He was cross at the time but I just thought "bugger it" (excuse me) as I would have felt so utterly devastated if I'd ignored the signs.  

Good luck xx

Morning Taska

Sorry to hear about your mum - as suggested by Nicabella, you should definitely seek some medical advice. Your mum might be scared about the possibility of having another stroke, but if she is, she needs to go to A&E immediately. 

It must be so hard for you when she is telling you not to fuss, but she should get checked out.

You could always call 111 if you're unsure what else to do for some medical advice over the phone?

Hope everything goes ok, keep us updated if you can.

Take care 


Dear Taska

I support what was said about "111". It has helped me out a few times when strange things have happened. Twice they sent an ambulance (once they stayed on the line talking to me until the medics arrived) and once they suggested the walk in centre. With the benefit of hindsight that was the right advice each time and I would not have done those things myself.

The wretched stroke fatigue (SF) is diagnosed as "post stroke tiredness" so will Mum let you see her written diagnosis ? Several have described SF as a hangover without the fun of the previous day !

Good luck with Mum


Thanks for the responses guys it's a great help. I called the hospital and spoke to the stroke nurse who admitted my mum.the first time. She said that the facial drop could be because she is tired and explained that it can happen quite a lot. Although the sight was a new thing as she was not admitted nor have anything like this when she was in hospital and rehab. She said it could be things trying to settle down. But if she keeps having it or things get worse and she doesn't get better then to take her straight in or call the doctor. She assured me she is on the highest medication to prevent another stroke but it not guaranteed. She also appreciated what my mum was like and also stated she could also be scared but doesn't want to admit it. Monitor closely and if in doubt call. I spoke to her this morning and she was in better spirits because she .managed to make me dad and her a cup of tea. Her sight is fine and she says thats she is tired. I explained that it will take time as she is frustrated her hands not working it's only been 3 weeks. Fingers crossed guys. So pleased I found this sight. Any advise and help is greatly received wishing you all the best of luck too xx