Side affects with statins

I have recently had blood tests as there is something not right with my liver I wonder if it  is the medication. The doctor says the only one that could affect the liver is statins. I am suspicious of other drugs that I take.but he says they  would not affect the liver. I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of this. I have got to have a scan on thursday of my liver and gall bladder. I am fed up with it all at themoment. Norma Jean/

Hi Norma Jean

My liver always showed up as red on GP's computer screen from blood tests when I wasn't on statins.  I was sent for the same scan as you and it revealed a gallstone. I only had one large gallstone which was stuck at the top end and this was causing all the stress on my liver as well as indigestion whenever I ate certain foods.  I had it removed by day surgery and my liver is back to normal now and I can eat things I used to have to avoid now with no problems.  Statins do work via your liver so what he says is true but the scan will tell you what is causing the problem.  Good that you can get your scan done so quickly.  Try not to worry and let us know how you get on. 

One of the functions of the liver is to metabalise meds, so I guess the more we take the harder the liver has to work to deal with them?  The more I read about the cocktail of meds which are prescribed, the more worried I feel, but what would the alternative be?  The problem is getting the balance right, that's a job for a bio-chemist, nightmare!!  xx

Thank you that has  made me feel so much better what you have said. I know I have got a large gallstone so maybe that is what is causing the trouble with my liver. I have been worrying about it a lot and made myself feel bad. I will let you know the outcome of my scan. Thanks again. Best wishes Norma Jean.

Dear Norma

I'm so sorry to hear you've got more problems on top of everything else. As if having had a stroke and all that brings isn't enough. As far as I know, lots of medications, even every day things like paracetamol, come with contra-indications for liver and kidneys. I can understand how fed-up you must be; another trip to hospital and the anxiety that brings. Try not to worry too much, at least it's being investigated and hopefully there will be some simple remedy, perhaps a tweak of your meds. I'm on Atorvastatin. Before my stroke I was only taking 10mg daily but after the stroke was told my cholesterol was high so they put my dose up to 40mg daily. I used to take it at night but, following my stroke, when I was sleeping very badly, a stroke nurse suggested taking it in the morning because statins can cause insomnia. Apparently most statins should be taken at night, with the exception of Atorvastatin which can be taken in the morning. I checked with my GP at the time and she agreed it can be taken in the morning so that's what I do and I did sleep better as a result.

Following routine blood tests a few weeks ago, my husband was told his kidney function had fallen which has resulted in subsequent blood tests and urine analysis. The latest, about 10 days ago, was that the GP would run the figures past a nephrologist for an opinion and said it might just be a case of changing his meds. He's not heard anything yet, so I'm hoping 'no news is good news' but still, it's all been worrying if you're that way inclined.

Best wishes Norma, I'll be thinking of you next week and will remember you in my prayers tonight.

Anne xxx

Thanks Anne for your very helpful reply I havent stopped worrying since the doctor phoned me the day  after my blood test which I felt must be urgent. Anything sets me off worrying especially since my stroke my confidence seems to have gone. I am going Thursday for the scan and dread to hear what they find I wish I wasnt such a wimp. Best wishes Norma Jean.