Shower day

I don’t know what you all feel about the weekly shower or bath or whatever. For me it is stressful and not easy as I have to walk into the wall in shower with my stick to sit on my shower seat, the.reyurm is not without risk as my left foot curls under and the ankle can fold.All very tense.always glad to be sat back on my bed to get dressed

Hopefully it’ll get easier for you in time. Sounds difficult at the moment.
I have grab rails in my shower which help me get in and out & I hold onto them on my dizzy days.
No chance of a bath until I can lift my leg - used to love a bath.

Yes use the rail myself it’s the journey from bedroom to entering the shower space that gets fraut.never the lessgetting more proficient with ever y time I do it

Thanks slowly each time is better, I never liked showers even when fully working bu until I mak a big improvement the bath is not an option

It took me a long time before I could cope with a bath. Shower is okay now, but I hang on to the door railing to steady myself when wobbly. My shower is about the size of a phone booth, so slipping is impossible. It took quite some while before I could, actually, enjoy a shower.

My shower is big enough for two people to stand in it the hrb handle is on one side so I would be so much happier if I had two working and , the shower head is positioned to provide a lower jet of water and land onu head when seated. If God ever answers my prayers I may get both arm and leg back, a stunning Christmas if it happens here’s hoping

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Sounds like you’re doing really well to me.

I’m 5 years post stroke which left my left side paralysed. I need help to put on my AFO to get into the bathroom and into the shower and then put it back on to get me back to the bedroom to get dressed.

I will never be able to manage this without my husband’s assistance and that upsets me so much, I hate needing so much help.

Keep up the good work.

Regards Sue

Thanks Sue I too hate being so dependent on my poor long suffering wife but as with you are making slow progress and moving towards full independence our ultimate goal.
I’m 2 years into my recovery so plenty of time to see real progress, always hopeful.


Hi everyone. I also dread shower day and it is so reassuring to know that others have the same problem. I could not manage without my patient husband.who almost gets in the shower with me. I am so happy when it’s all over. Lilian

Glad it’s not just me Lilian surprised how many of us dread what was once upon a time a simple life action, can’t wait to be recovered from the stroke so it feels more normal and I can self cleanlowertingthe burden irepresent to my family :expressionless:

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Toplus getting cold afterwards the icing on the cake

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I have moved from being showered for 4 weeks in hospital to showering with someone standing by and helping with drying to showering without aid I agree it is horrible feeling so cold and drying with a towel is hit and miss.I hope that I can at least maintain this level …as I live alone.PS I struggle with swollen, dry legs and ankles but have found a great long handled pad to put on moisturiser…helps greatly.Best wishes in the daily struggle to do what used to be so simple!Sheila

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Hi everyone, I find that when I get out of the shower, putting a large towelling robe on helps me dry myself and doesn’t mean I’m so exposed to the cold.
A few minutes sitting wrapped up in my robe is more effective than trying to use a towel.


@Jinty Welcome. Thats a really good idea & makes life just that little bit easier by sounds of it.

I do something similar. I place a large towel on the sofa, sit on it then wrap more towels round me.

Well done adaptation is our strength and survival strategy, keep it going you will overcome this stroke lark

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That sounds cosy and snuggly too.

It’s a must after baring the pain and pushing through it the body needs to rest up a bi ready for the next session.

Staying warm and snuggly is key every day. Stop using the gas fire too much keeps the bill lower