Shoulder pains anyone?!

Anyone had rotator cuff problems post stroke?I've developed pain there in the last week or so for no apparent reason - this is three months after my stroke. cetain movements are very painful. has anyone else experienced this? Google can't seem to decide whether or not to exercise it or rest it!

Ian, all kinds of shoulder problems can occur after stroke and if you Google the problem you will find advice, including from the Stroke Association. I am five years post stroke and although I have have reasonable movement in my affected arm, my shoulder feels frozen even though it isn't. I have no pain, but just don't like it feeling the way it does.

Hi ianbruce63 - I too developed a pain in my weak side shoulder a few months after my stroke. Although I was exercising at the gym three times a week that didn't prevent/cure it.
I managed to see a physio who gave me some specific exercises to do, plus advice on what not to do at the gym, and it eased the pain pretty quickly. 
Good luck! 


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Thanks Janet - so exercise rather than rest is the way forward?





Thanks John



Hi Ian - well, that worked for me. The exercises I was given weren't ones I'd have thought of but tailored specifically to easing/strengthening my shoulder, using a resistance band in various ways. 
It's alright Googling things (I did loads of that after my stroke!) but it would probably be best to get some professional advice. In my area you can do a self-referral online for an NHS physio and I didn't wait long at all (obviously that was pre-Covid though). At the triage stage I was asked if I wanted to see a physio that specialised in strokes. I opted not to as I understood the waiting list was longer and it worked out fine for me. 
Hope you get it sorted.


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Hello Ian

I made a note some time back of a website that another contributor referred to. You may already have seen this. I guess I echo what Janet and JJ have said, physio advice if available/possible, the ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ gentle exercise, keep it moving if you can (go back to basics if necessary). Best wishes Pat


Thank you Janet

thanks so much Pat

I suddenly got shoulder pain about 2 months after my stroke. My daughter is a physiotherapist and recommended exercises using resistance bands and I bought a TENS machine to reduce the pain.The pain suddenly stopped after about 6 months. There are some exercises on You Tube.

I suffer from shoulder pains .. this is troublesome, especially when I try to push up from bed or a chair. The pain really cuts through my shoulder joints. Any suggestions?

Hi, yep pain in my left shoulder a course of acupuncture and mild physio sorted it out

7 Best Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises with Ball & Band (Strengthen & Stretch) - YouTube 

7 Best Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises with Ball & Band (Strengthen & Stretch) - YouTube. Maybe try a TENS machine along with exercises

I had a subluxation of my shoulder post stroke ie my muscles weren't strong enough to hold shoulder joint in place! The pain was horrendous that it limited any rehab for my left arm and hand. the first thing that helped me was having Botox injected into my shoulder muscles then exercise to strengthen the muscles. I am now painfree and still doing my exercises to keep my range of movement 

hope this helps

Ask for an ultrasound scan via GP it's a quick path to determine Any underlying shoulder problems

my husband suffered excruciating shoulder pain for 7 months and neurophysio/neurologist told him it nothing wrong even questioning his capacity but it was frozen shoulder and he had a procedure under local Orthopedic consultant 

My affected arm has been an issue since it started to come back. Firstly my Hand was reall painful especially the knuckles. This has now resolved with lots of rehab. 

My upper arm is continues to be  painful despite lots of exercise such as stretches and I’m using weights.I’m back to swimming. Hopefully this will sort it out

I have soreness in the upper back on right side ,it's been quite a struggle. Dr's unfortunely doesn't understand and they are basically no help. I'm trying to find answers and no   luck. Also have weakness in the back both sides and when it comes on it unbearable and I have to sit of lay down. That has been since I had my stroke 6 years ago but it's gradually becoming worse.

also my knees will not bend like the spascity has gone out of them. I was told I could not bend. Strokes has been known since mankind .The medical establishment has not kept up with the treatments for them. I realize it won't be back to normal but at least do something that is tolerable

I had a stroke two years ago at 63 the pain in my arm   shoulder and leg is much worse now than it was just after my stroke i do exercises but its no relief