Shoulder pain

Evening all,
I’m 2.5 years into my stroke recovery, getting used to. The day to day things, getting to know what I can do and can’t do, not to mention the fatigue but I have a new hiccup, pain in my left shoulder, can’t fully rotate, heavy, numb, tight.
Just wondering if anyone else has this, any advise, any ideas.
Thanks for reading,
From Marianne x
(Who continues to row her little boat in the big ocean)

I’ve had the same problem for six years, but without too much pain. The tightness is always there. However, the shoulder works, although the arm doesn’t lift as far. I go to three exercises classes a week and these include shoulder rolls, shrugs, lifting the arm above the shoulder (which I can’t do) and various other exercises including muscle building.

Stroke is a brain injury and kills brain cells controlling certain functions of our bodies. I am realistic and realise my shoulder tightness is something I have to live with whilst always trying to improve shoulder functioning. My left hand also lacks sensitivity and can only carry light objects. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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@Pink_rose I found my shoulder stiffened up as I wasn’t using my arm as much. I got given physio exercises to do which involved stretching my arm & trying to raise it above my head. If I couldn’t do it then I’d use my good hand to lift it or got my hubby to do it for me. I had to push through the pain a little…but not too much. I’d try seeing if your GP can refer you for some physio or at least get them to check what’s causing the difficulties.

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Thanks for your replies.
Next step have a chat with my GP.
Marianne x