Shoulder Pain

Hello i had a stroke on the 12th may which left me with weakness down my left side but my arm and hand seem to have come off worst.i have been given various excersises for my arm and anything to to with lifting my arm out from my side seems to give me a sharp stabbing pain in my shoulder, i never had a problem before with it,just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems ?

Snuffy this might help.

Thank you yes it does 

I had my stroke in June 2017, and lost the use of my right hand and arm. When limited movement started to return, pain in the shoulder started, which increased over a few months..... sometimes enough to keep me awake at night.

I stll kept up with the physio exercises, sometimes working through the worst of the pain, which at times extended to the elbow.

After Christmas, I was referred to a specialist physio who suggested the pain was due to the "rotator cuff" muscles being very weak due to a long period of inactivity of the arm.

I was given exercises directed at improving these muscles, and also she reccomended using "kinetic tape". I'd never heard of it, but it turns out it's the tape you often see athletes using.

There are a few different brands, but one I used is called KT Tape. They have a website with videos explaining how to use it for a variety of problems.

I have to say it helped tremendously.... and slowly the range of movements I could achieve increased, and the pain lessened. The pain was worse first thing in the morning, especially if I'd lain on my right side during the night, but a hot bath first thing, and a quick spray of deep heat eased it.

A few months down the line the pain is mostly negligible. The arm is often stiff at times, and there's still not quite the full range of movement and strength, but keeping up the exercise regime hopefully will keep the improvement coming.

Hi mike thanks for your advice good to know, the physios have been giving me some excersises for my shoulder but very gently maybe the tape will help I will ask on my next visit thanks