Shoulder brace for support

Looking for some advice for my husband.  He had a left sided stroke last April and has right sided arm and leg weakness.  Has anyone any experience of a shoulder brace for shoulder subluxation? Any advice would be much appreciated. His nhs physio mentioned this at the end of the session but due to being booked up we don't see her until the beginning of April.  He sees a private physio to fill the gaps.  

Hello Catherinejm,

I did not use a shoulder brace at all but found I could make significant progress with exercise and, today, eight years after my stroke, I can do "pull-ups" to an overhead bar, despite weighing sixteen stones (I'm 6 feet two tall, so will never be light).

Don't start with pull-ups of course, I got to this stage with gentle exercises, then working out with weights at home or in a gym.

Even just doing the gentle exercises daily made a difference. What exercises? Try these:

As always, don't start any exercise program without running it past your Stroke Consultant or Doctor but the starting point is simple: just hug a pillow or cushion with both arms for, say, ten hugs at a time. 

Every time you try to move the shoulder, you're building new pathways in your brain. They say recovery works proximal (nearer the body) to distal (further away), so get your shoulder moving and your elbow, wrist and fingers won't be far away!

Just something that worked for me - I hope it helps.

Take care now, all of you smiley


Hello Damien,

i found that quite useful as John needs to strengthen his shoulder. The GP told him it was Spondylitis as he’s previously had ex rays showing that. However, those exercises sound ideal for him. Hmm, I wonder,,,?? if he hugs me instead of a pillow, do you think that would work? Lol! Shy bairns get nowt! 

Thanks for the support.


Hi Veronica,

I believe hugs can cure anything! Hide the pillow!!

The exercises I sent you work for all types of subluxed shoulder, whatever their cause. Eight years after my stroke, I do not have a subluxed shoulder. I'm not 100% recovered but I'm 1,000,000% better than the half-paralysed me just after the Stroke cool

Good luck to you both,


Hi Damian

Thanks for the advice.  Yes I keep encouraging Steve to move his arm and massage it all the time so that he gives his brain feed back.  I've really taken on board what you said about everytime he moves his shoulder he is making new pathways.  The more I encourage him the better.  He does get down and sad about his right side but as someone said, can't remember who, I tell him look how far you've come.  It's a Marathon not a sprint!

Maybe I could hide his pillows too ? 



I too had subluxation of my shoulder after my stroke 7 years ago, I didnt have an actual support  but I did have a huge sling with lots of straps, clips and velcro and whilst it did resolve some of the pain it was so much hassle to put on I stopped using it and it wasmuch easier to simply put my hand in a pocket whilst out and about and simply rest my arm in my lap when sitting.

as a matter of interest my GP organised gold injections into my shoulder which I found extremely helpful after only two injections, I still get the occassional shooting pain if I move my shoulder in a different way but otherwise I am pain free in that respect

Hope this helps