Should I be doing this

Hello Everyone.
It’s been just over 2years since my stroke. (Stroke was Feb21). and since then been busy avoiding COVID and recently informed I have heart arrhythmia or AFib.
Anyhow I decided to ask for an MRI scan of my chest to see what’s going on and GP said No. You don’t need one.
Not happy with that I checked out locally to me to pay for an MRI scan. Long story shortened they will do it but only if referred by my GP. They also explained that the price was for one area (say chest) £500 but three areas was £780. So my thought process was if I am paying best value is three areas.
So picked chest then head, then lower back.
Next spoke with doctor for the referral and they asked why I wanted these MRI’s.
So I explained that being 2yrs after my stroke and an MRI had been done then I wanted to see if there had been any changes in the two years since. ( The chest was to see if anything odd on heart and lungs and lower back to see if protruding disks had got any worse)
Doctor eventually agreed and sent the referral.
Then I explained to my wife, who has been so supportive but she asked why I was doing it as she didn’t think I would get any answers from them.
This made me think a bit
On other posts on here I am overly COVID cautious as we cannot control it yet much like a stroke.
Since my stroke and the start of the pandemic my anxiety levels have increased noticeably and my wife thinks that these scans are for me to go I am still all right.
I see her point to some extent but thought I would ask
Should I be doing this?


Yes make sure take Jesus with you

HI Al-- I am not a doctor or nurse, so take what I say in that light. I don’t see what the point is of an MRI. When I had my stroke 4 years ago, they had me wear a heart monitor for a day or so and also did some sort of scan of my heart at that time --looking for afib(as that is a major cause of many strokes, and if they found that they could then medicate and avert another stroke. ) Since your doctor already detected afib, he/she will probably prescribe one or many medications available to keep it under control. It’s often hard to detect since it may only crop up occasionally. Luckily, they found I did have afib, and I take some meds to control that. Since yours has already been found, they don’t need to “look” for it–as they did in my case. In fact, it may be possible that afib is what caused your stroke in the first place. But – an MRI can’t hurt you, so if you have the money, can afford it and want to spend it that way, so what? I do think you sound a little freaked out, though. If it were me, I wouldn’t bother–all this running to doctor appointments and tests, etc. can raise anxiety levels as one dwells on ones health too much. Have the doctor treat your afib.( I tried about 3 different meds before I found one I could tolerate), then use the MRI money to do something fun and relaxing to take your mind off things. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:


@Al59 reading through your post I think you are wanting an MRI to try & allay some of your anxieties? Will an MRI achieve this? If it will then you’ve nothing to lose by having it (apart from the money) but if it won’t then I probably wouldn’t bother. It could increase your anxiety if it showed something that you’re not expecting.

I imagine you’re being treated for any conditions you currently have. Therefore any changes should be discussed with your GP & they will decide on treatment options from there.

It’s your call ultimately but I would ask what you hope to get from it & what happens afterwards.

Best wishes.



I dare say these scans are just for your own peace of mind and to alleviate your anxiety. But in my view you would be better off addressing the underlying issue of your anxiety. Have your gp refer you for CBT or counselling or spend the money going private for that. It would be far more beneficial to you than spending £780 on MRI scans you’re not likely to get any many answers out of.

The MRI could maybe tell you whether your protruding disks are the route cause of any severe pain down your legs or may be in need of surgery. As for the rest, well, you’re already on the appropriate medications for that.

Personally, I think your money would be better spent on an osteopath or physiotherapist who work out the kinks in back and relieve any resulting leg pain.

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I had an Echocardiogram for Afib and prescribed Apixaban

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