I have been living in one pair of trainers since leaving hospital nearly a year ago. They are Karrimoor running shoes and comfy with a flexible but strong sole. I am looking for new shoes …Boa is recommended in Stroke Survivor handbook. Has anyone tried them or have other recommendations please ? Drop foot not too bad and bit of a side to side wobble on uneven ground. It would be great to hear of other survivors’ recommendations.
Thasnks and blessings

I wear Sketchers with non lace up laces. I also have drop foot and wear an ankle support bought from an outlet in Cardiff

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In fact I wear a boxia. Orliman Archives - Orthotix

sorry - no recommendations other than to say that my OH who is heamiplegic (nothing to do with a Stroke, has been since birth) now has elasticated laces and thinks they’re wonderful. He can now wear stouter shoes as the slip on ones he had before were more of a trip hazard

I’ve found DB stretch shoes are the only ones I can wear with a protheses and bunions and like you have been wearing them for about 8 months non stop. Unfortunately they no longer make that style and are not supportive which I need but my orthotist has come up with NHS made shoes.A fter 3 months of making I will get a pair of trainers and then a spare pair that do not have to be the same style. I was delighted to have this opportunity and also impressed with the stylish range available. Thank you NHS

I have Skechers trainers with stretch laces. If you wear any form of ankle brace, (I have drop foot) the insole on many of them will come out to make more room.
There is also a company called Josef Siebel (you can find them online and Amazon) who do nicely made, sturdy shoes)
You could also try replacing normal laces with bungee laces. I have used them on several pairs of shoes and boots (and, yes I have an awful lot of shoes!)

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I now have some Asics gerl trainers which are good for over and under pronation. Already had stretch laces now have the sort with toggles which are challenging to do up but then that aids recovery too!

‘Billy Footwear’-American company but ships to Uk. Adapted for one handed use and wearable with AFO. Hope helps.

Thanks - sounds interesting. in the meantime i am wearing Asics gel trainers which support under and over pronation. they offer good support.