Hi my names Doug im a 60 year old healthy bloke (or so i thought) i had something called a TIA on the 10th of November the discharge sheet said multiple small acute infarcts in the left posterior temporal and occipital lobes which sounds scary just reading that.Although physically i feel ok im struggling with the mental side of things i know it’s early days and obviously worried im going to have another one,im lucky i have a wonderful family around me especially my lovely wife which is a blessing.Just a few hours before the TIA i was playing squash so to say i was in shock is an understatement,id just thought id share my story with you and i know there are a lot more of yous out there worse off than me,take care and good luck everyone thanks Doug.


Thanks for the swift reply its been reassuring just reading some of the posts on here and you realise your not alone,the emotions im going through is a new experience for me and feel better sharing them with like minded people thanks Doug

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@Joanne21 Hi Doug, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’ve had TIAs. It does come as a bit of a shock when you’re fit & healthy. You are in very early days and will no doubt feel very emotional & probably exhausted. The worry about having another is normal & will diminish in time.
Wishing you all the best.

Ann x

Hi Doug

I had a TIA at the end of August and am still ploughing through the emotions that come with it. I don’t think anyone really thinks it’ll happen to them (even in my case where there’s a family history).

I’ve no advice on how to get your head around it but I’m sure some of the lovely people here will be more articulate!

best wishes, Fi

Thanks for the kind words i feel better having been on this forum only today it’s reassuring and its a cliché but you can only take one day at a time Doug

Hi Ann thanks for the kind words i know it will take time i literally am still in shock and i know through time things will calm down thanks Doug

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Cheers mahoney yes im on aspirin and clopidogrel to thin the blood and trying to make some healthier choices whe it comes to food,hopefully this will helpthe recovery process

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Shwmae @Joanne21, sorry to hear of the TIA, by multiple small infarcts, would that be several TIAs? I know that the occipital lobe affects vision but I am not very familiar with the posterior temporal lobe. Aye, it is a shock, but I hope this forum can guide you through any concerns you may develop as you recover :grinning:

Thanks rups for the reply aye all i did was copy what was on the discharge letter its a learning curve i know it was two areas of my brain affecting my left eye and right arm when it happened and aye this forum has helped me already thanks Doug


There’s no magic bullet for recovery, persistence and positivity are key players, but also sleep and rest. :turtle: vs :rabbit2:.

Hi Doug, between May and June this year I had around 10 TIAs and 2 small brain bleeds which were only found after getting CT scans, as I was never kept in nor saw a doctor, but later had an MRI …. Yes it is frightening and I wonder every day will this be the day I get another … how do we not worry :woman_shrugging:t3:. It’s difficult and we all understand. But this forum always has someone to help you through things

*thanks for all the kind supportive words it’s definitely helped me in these early days its a week tomorrow since it happened and turned everything upside down so thats a small landmark anyway.Its difficult onthe mental side still as everytime iget a tingle in myhands face im thinking here we go and i know this will take time Doug

Hi Joanne21 so glad you found this web site as soon as you did I had a stroke 6 years ago and was looking for extra support as I have had a few tias after. The tingling and numbness is normal and I still get it from time to time it’s difficult but your not on your own take some rest and time to recover everyone is different and gets better at different rate your doing great :+1:

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@Sham1 welcome to the forum. Hope you find it as friendly & supportive as I have.

Hi yes thankyou doing a lot better now x

Hi it’s a bummer but it’s life. I had a full on stroke in 2019 2 days after my 68th birthday, left side face, voice arm & leg. Spark out unable to speak. Fortunately I live near Leeds L G I so my wife got me in within 30 mins. Clot in my brain they, gave me the clot busting drug , I had a further relapse as the clot worked through my brain so I day became a week with high doses of aspirin.
I do have limitations but unless you know me you would not know what they are. I am back in the gym for my full on workouts , we drove to Spain 2 months after my episode although my wife did far more than I. Three years on I am doing great, thankful for our wonderful lives & 15 grandchildren. It’s taken a lot of hard work tears & tribulations but life is wonderful. You just have to work at it & hope & believe.


Thats great your recovering well keep it up :+1: yours is a lot worsethan mine and I’ll take inspiration fromyour recovery process cheers Doug

Hi everyone I just thought I would share my stroke story I had a blood clot on the left side of my brain which effected my right in 2015 I was only 26 it was an ordinary day I had just had my second child she was 3 weeks old and we where getting ready to go out shopping when I felt really dizzy and sick then a terrible headache the kind of pain that drops you to your knees my husband was at work and I was home alone luckily I lived next door to my husbands parents I thought I would be able to make it to them but I couldn’t I sent my eldest child round he was 6 at the time grandparents came and called a ambulance and was taken to hospital still unaware that I had a major stroke I was taken for a ct scan and then to the doctor which I was then informed I had had a stroke and I would need to stay in hospital it didn’t register at first I felt like I was in a dream unfortunately not it was a slow recovery and I found things very difficult and was very sick of explaining my self to people that yes young people do have stroke it’s not a age thing anyone of any age or background can have one just wonted to tell my story and hope it gives people hope that there is light at the end and thing do get better x


@Sham1 thank you for sharing your story. You were young when you had your stroke and so soon after having your baby. That must have been really difficult.

Good to hear you are doing ok now.

Best wishes

Ann x

Shwmae @Sham1, great to hear you have soldiered on with a good attitude. I was 44, and if I had a Penny for every time people would say, “You’re too young to have a stroke.”, I could spend months playing games in a Penny Arcade. My knee jerk response was to retort, “I thought I’d get it out of the way, so I can look after you lot.”.

Seriously though, it’s an issue we have in the general public education that stroke has been stereotyped. Many fit, healthy, young individuals have strokes for various reasons and it’s not widely accepted. This creates all sorts of problems. Medical professionals will misdiagnose patients due to their age. Employers have little protocols for managing young employees who have had strokes. Family members may have little understanding of why their loved one cannot function like they did before.