Shock news

Last September I was informed that I had two strokes a month apart. Imagine my shock when last Thursday the stroke consultant phoned me and told me that he has seen four strokes on the scan. My head feels full of cotton wool all the time and so dizzy. I had one stroke in the back of the head that has affected my balance. Another has taken away the top left quadrant of sight in left eye. My walking is very weak. I have the post stroke fatigue like many of us do. It is like I brick hitting you.  Healing blessings to all my friends. Judy. 

Jeez, poor you Judy!  What a shocker for you - wow!  Are you under the care of any hospital/optician?  If not, why not?  Please make enquiries, and explain your situation.  One of us is always here, eventually haha!  Stroke Association might be worth a call too?  Stay well.  Peace Carole

Hello carol. Thank you for your caring. I also have coronary disease.i am covered by the stroke consultant and heart teams. I belong to stroke ass. And the guide is my bible. My left eye sight is damaged. I see optician. Have weakness Iegs as balance is injured. I had posteria strokes. I live on my own with pets and wildlife to keep me busy. Thanks again. Bless you love judy

Judy what a shame you have suffered like that.  Me too!  My balance isn't good either, and I now use a walker.  I also live alone, but sadly am not an animal lover sorry!  Good that you have company. 

I have my music, as am a lifelong poet, and now have a songwriting partner, who uses my lyrics as the basis of songs!  We have made 7 CDs, nothing famous haha!  We do it for the pure love of music.  Love Carole

Hello carol. I love music. My mother played the piano. Do you play an instrument. What type of music. How are you today. Although most of my time is spent on the bed. I am so very tired. You will know how exhausting it is trying to get about. Very difficult to smile all the time. Music is a healer. I always go to bed early but I am up by 5.. Do you sleep a lot. Take care love judy x. 

Judy, I also go to bed early and get up early - around 6.30am.  Always loved a good 8 hours sleep!!  Tiredness is a symptom post stroke.  I catnap sometimes in the afternoon.  Never fall asleep per se, but a 10 or 15 minute snooze really reinvigorates me!

Wish I could play an instrument.  I briefly played guitar as a child, but gave it up (stupidly)!  Been out with a guitarist/singer later, and also a bass player.  My songwriting partner, Eric, plays most instruments.  I am in awe of people who can make music.  I paint a picture, but with words, as am a lifelong poet.

Good on your Mum, playing the piano!  My Mum will soon be 75. Went to Morrisons around 8.30am.  There was no queue.  They let me in, even if there is, as they know me, and thankfully nobody objects!  Am fine thanks, and hope you are too apart from sleepy!  Peace Carole x