Shaking Arm

Hi, my mum is 15 months post stroke now which affected her right side and she has no movement in her right arm and no mobility. Just recently her right arm has started shaking on several occasions when she is standing up using her Etac, her arm is left to hang down when using the etac. Obviously I will report this to my mum's GP but I just wondered if anybody else has experienced the same thing with their arm. I feel really worried that the shaking is something sinister or maybe it is a good sign? Many thanks!

Hi Tasha.

Your mum's arm muscles might have become weaker in the last few weeks.

My left arm didn't used to shake, but now it does embarrassingly.

It's nothing sinister please try not to worry. My physio told me my hand was shaking because my arm muscles weren't as strong as before. Can your mum do some curls with a tin of beans? This will not do any harm and may help.

Be safe. Julie

Hi Julie,

Many thanks for you reply. I'm sorry to hear about your arm it must be so frustrating for you. My mum has no movement in her arm what so ever. I do some exercises with her and she has an arm splint but cannot even move her fingers. It is really sad to see as she gets really frustrated at not being able to do things she used to do. I will definitely try the can though it might help her to grip. Thank you for your reassurance too!

Take care and wishing you well for the future,