Shakes and wobbles

I had a mini stroke 3 weeks ago, it was'nt like what they show you I just collapsed and was oblivious to everything. At the moment everything shakes and twitches especially my head. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.

Hi Laura - so sorry to hear about your stroke, it's a strange and frightening experience.  It is early days for you, and not sure how long you may have been in hospital, or what your regime of medication is, but I think these strange physical feelings are fairly common post-stroke.  On a positive note, things will improve.  Hopefully you are receiving support from OTs/Physios etc and this will all aid your recovery.  

You will receive plenty of excellent advice and support from people on this site - they have a wealth of experience, and can give you pointers to guide you through your recovery.  

Take good care, take plenty of rest xx

I have suffered shakes and palpitations since my stroke 3 months ago. My GP gave me beta blockers to slow my pulse. GP also gave me diazepam for anxiety, but they made me feel worse.