September updates - new blog

Hi all,
In case you missed it our new blog on updates to the forum is available here.
This update talks about upcoming changes to the navigation and some brand elements.
– Clement


Thanx for this

I for one was completely unaware of it. Given I’m fairly active in the forum but dont use the website at all I’d guess this will be a useful alert to others :slight_smile:

the linked post of 27th at

Also v. helpful & all news to me

Interestingly When opening these links the page reveal is ‘well behaved’ in terms of being able to close it and return here


Thank you for bringing the parts of the Website together. It always seemed a bit fragmented to me and although I have been a regular on the forum for some time the many other areas of the site got few visits from myself. I think this new approach will encourage more wandering about to explore what is available. There is such a lot too, maintaining it must be quite a job.

I just read what Simon had to say and I think we are talking about the same thing.
I’m sure we will both be watching out for developments.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grin: :+1:


Thank you Clement. Seems like a lot of work is going on in the background. Thank you to you and the team for keeping the site running.



Agreed - I think the forum for me at least, has been the destination. Once I’ve arrived directly in it and cosy I’ve no need -that I’m aware of! - to go to the rest of the website. Maybe ‘cosy’ also meant “insula”?

I look at the number of sign ups versus those people who become basic users and then members and I wonder what the drop off is because there’s so much value here - potential :slight_smile:

Hopefully this tighter integration will move towards giving those people who must come with the sort of needs we had & have a better path to how to get that. I think discussion of what else, from a strokewarrior perspective alongside the technical improvements is also worthwhile - deffo there is potential :slight_smile:


Again thanks for the explanations Clement :grin:

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All good stuff thanks clement. I do think that people who use this on their mobile devices are braver than me!! I can just about cope with the desktop version and I didn’t even know about the widget until a few weeks ago because of my hemianopia, which still makes me chuckle!!

K :polar_bear: :wink:

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