Sensory overload?

Saturday night I went out for dinner with my other half for the first time since my stroke on 1st February. Everything was fine. Walked in fine with my stick, lovely meal. As we were leaving I stood up and my whole body turned to a bowl of jelly, could hardly walk shaking top to toe. Why would this happen. Is it a sensory overload?


I certainly find (2 1/2 years in) socialising very tiring. At about 3 months I went to my granddaughter’s school nativty play and had to go to bed for the whole day after it. Things have improved but I still find that I can walk quite a decent distance with just the dog for company but if I had to make the same journey as part of a social gathering I would only be able to go half as far.


Could be, within that six month period after stroke, it is said that the brain is doing a lot of self-repair, and it could have just had enough and wanted to rest. Not sure. I can be, seemingly, active in short bursts before exhausting my mind, and then all my symptoms kick in and I’m next to be found lying on the couch for half an hour listening to an audiobook with the goal of resetting my brain.


The shaking might be that the signals to the muscles have got out of line. I haven’t heard of clonus affecting more than one item but that perhaps is similar sensation ?

It’s perhaps easy to think of pushing yourself as exercise, walking etc. Post stroke as Fiona has mentioned, social interaction might be something you would just take for granted in the pre stroke you but now it’s a full brain workout.


@emmahopkins74 it is possible it was too much for you at this stage of your recovery. I am 2 1/2 years on & I still find socialising exhausting due to sensory overload which causes fatigue. Walking, talking & being in a restaurant are all things that can add to fatigue.

Things we used to take for granted we no longer can. I had something very similar happen to me in the early stages of my recovery & I was told I had just overdone it.

If you’re going out you might find you need to completely rest in the days before & after until you are further down the recovery road.

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