Sensitivity to the cold!

I've noticed that as the temperature has dropped so my affected hand feels cooler than my other hand. Is this normal? 


Not sure if is normal or not Kay, but I get it all the time even on a relatively warm day. After the stroke, when feeling came back to my weak hand it would go very red. This worried me but my nurses took this as a good sign. At the moment it is fine because the central heating is on. Worry if it drops off suddenly!

John you're just too kind! As you say I'll stay calm and carry on.  Only worry if it drops off!!! ???? 

yes kay jones. 

my numb left hand  

gets cold even on a mild day. though I'm sort of used to it now. 

bit of a nuisance on an icey day even with gloves on. 

I don't know about you but my numb hand and half my face, can still feel sensations of hot and cold. pain too. 



Hi Vinnie

In the beginning I couldn't feel heat as accurately with my right hand. A bit painful once or twice when draining vegetables for dinner.  But the last 2 - 3 weeks almost back to normal.  Whatever that is? 

The deep joy of stroke recovery! 


Kay, Mine is the same and my lower wonky leg.

hi i feel the cold my stroke was 8 years ago i am warfarin and think being on a blood thinner it can make you feel the cold more have ask a stroke consultant and they said they have had alot of stroke survivors saying the same thing but no research into this has been done thanks 

Me too. Also if i go into freezer for food my fingers burn!  It happens to both my hand. Not good. Im dredding the weather when it turns icy cold. Brrr

Damart have a good range of VERY warm t-shirts, not cheap but they last for years so well worth the investment.

Stay cosy 

Ha ha! You are so funny, Kay. ??

John says his left hand is cold all the time but if he touches a hot radiator he feels it burning him. His left leg and foot are also cold. He is like an ice box when he gets into bed at night and I snuggle him in. Role reversal, lol! We think it’s a mix of Stroke and blood thinner. Roll on 17th when we test out Madeira,,,,,the island and not the cake. ??

Very nice! Let's hope the warmer weather will help.

I'm lucky I suppose my leg and foot are fine.  It's just my hand.

Not on blood thinning medication hooray! 

You and John are going to be as excited as your grandchildren then waiting for Christmas and you waiting for your holiday. ????