Sensitive ears

Does anyone else struggle with loud noises or busy rooms/lots of talking at once?

Hi Alice, 

I find it extremely hard to keep up with conversations in loud/busy environment and especially in situations where lots of people are talking at once. I saw a neuropsychiatrist who tested for all sorts of deficits and found that alongside my terrible short-term memory I had a problem with divided attention. I can literally only concentrate on one thing at a time. It's difficult as if I am in the middle of something and someone tries talking to me I completely ignore them, and it comes across very rude. If you haven’t been offered or already seen one I would most certainly ask your GP about seeing a neuropsychiatrist though as they can help you identify any weaknesses, so you can then try out some compensation methods to help. 

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Hi Alice, my stroke was mild and left with no lasting damage but I cannot cope with the TV on, kids and partner talking all at once, it literally makes me feel my head will explode, thought it was my lack of patience lol x

That sounds a lot like what I am experiencing. I just can't seem to focus when there's more than one thing going one. Thanks for the advice will speak to gp at my next appointment x

I can't either!! I dread my partner coming home in the evening because it gets my son and our puppy all excited which causes so much noise.. that and a screaming baby just making my head hurt lol x

Oh my, full house you have lol! When did you have your stroke, you look so young x

12 days ago.. so it's all still fresh for me. I'm 25. What about you?

Has it left you with any issues? I feel incredibly lucky, I'm 41 and had a stroke 3 weeks ago, I had left sided facial weakness but that has gone back to normal. I have a 6 year old and 3 year old. I hope you're doing OK? Xx

I’m  2.5 post stroke and still suffer with sensitive ears, I can’t go into a bar with loud music, shopping centres can even be difficult, some days are worse than others. 

I used to work in a school and the thought of having that noise around me everyday would be so uncomfortable. I could never enter a classroom again. 

I do find that a glass of wine dulls my senses and helps with the noise. If I’m going to a social event this can help. 

Probably not the right advice however no harm in having the odd glass here and there 

Not particularly no. Just what I have mentioned plus heaviness on my right arm, a bit of dizziness and also fatigue aswell. Which I think is getting off quite lightly after a stroke. Still rather fresh for you too then. Both mine are young too.. 6 weeks and 5. I'm doing okay still finding it hard to come to terms with just the fact that it's even happened. What about you? What have you found aftercare to be like after getting out of hospital? X

Bless you! Alot to cope with especially with a newborn. I actually go to bed the same time as my children now, I get so tired! I get a fuzzy head quite often and getting pains all over but wonder if that's the statins I'm now on. I can't wait to drive again next week! I haven't got an appointment until 5th Nov where I'll get some test results but they said they wanted to do a bubble test, 24 hour heart monitor and ultrasound of the back of my heart none of which I've had appointments for as yet! How about you? Xx

I've now had to have hearing aids. I can't focus on things in a busy room with lots of talking etc.

So do i!! Bed at 8 but up all through the night with the baby lol I can't wait to drive too!! Hoping they will tell me if I'm okay to drive after another two weeks at consultant appointment tomorrow. What's a bubble test? The only test they want to do on me is an eeg x

Before you're born you have a hole in your heart, this should close as you take your first breaths but in alit of people it doesn't. So I think they inject bubbles and see where they go once they've entered the heart  Something along those lines! Where'd you live? I'm in Wiltshire, not far from stonehenge xx

Oh I see! I live near bristol x

Not far away then! Always here if you want to chat x

Sounds like the ideal advice ! A glass of wine.

My ears behaved better once I realized I couldnt deal with any echos. Public address systems have a slight echo and thats what was bugging me big time. I still have some ear troubles, akin to tinnitus at times. It does seem that hearing is a common target of these wretched strokes.


Aww you too! X

That sounds like some good advice to me! Wanted to take my son to the cinema this weekend but just the thought of how loud it is is making me all anxious 

I’ve only been to the cinema a few times since my stroke, I always wear sunglasses as the screen is too bright. The noise is painful but ear plugs are not the solution as you still want to hear? Perhaps  a small piece of cotton wool, so it takes the edge off but doesn’t block out everything. 

Might not work just a suggestion