sensation of shaking.

Hello everybody. I'm 25 months past a medium/ severe stroke and doing quite well. Does anyone else feel a sensation of shaking or vibration internally. It happens often when I wake from my siesta but is there in the background most of the time. J

Dear Joyce

A stroke does not damage our body nor our limbs. Its "just" the messaging system. I do indeed shake quite a bit, hard to write. 
if you get any rehab then perhaps they will show you how to strengthen poorly limbs. My core is way out of balance and the physio has unsuccesfully tried magnets.

i do put a lot down to old age. I have not encountered internal vibration  but maybe its your body trying to get your strength back (?).

best wishes,


Hi Jane

Nice of you to reply. I, like you, thought I was the only one. Guess we'll just have to live with it. It is frightening though. 

Take care, Joyce.

Hi Colin

Thanks for the reply. I look at my hands and legs when it happens but it's definitely an internal sensation as they don't show any visible signs of shaking. Ah well!!

Best wishes Joyce.

I am experiencing a similar sensation, more like a tremor in my body like you experience when you shiver. It is more pronounced when I an anxous. I had my stroke 4 months ago and I thought it would fade with time. I have not felt an improvement, even though physical the therapists felt my motor skills were not of concern. Perhaps th ere can be someone with an answer!

Hi, Yes my affected arm shakes quite badly, mostly 1st thing in the morning, or if I've over done it a bit

I get shaking in my right arm. This morning it was quite violent and scary

Hi , it's  2 years and 5 months since my stroke and I get internal vibration feeling so glad I joined mystrokeguide it is making me realise I'm not the only one with weird sensations, no idea what is causing them but at least I'm not alone 

Louise, after a stroke all sorts of odd things happen to our bodies. After my big stroke five years ago I Iad involuntary leg spasms. They didn't frighten me as I put it down to the brain re-wiring itself. These involuntary spasms stopped after about two years. I also had a jerky left hand. This lasted about three years, but then it became much calmer. Try to deal with your problem as calmly as you can. Good luck.

In August it will be 2 years since I had my stroke, I don't shake all the time. It tends to happen at the end of the day or where I am concentrating on a task. My stroke was quite bad and I had no warning about it, I was fine one day and then I wasn't.

Hi, my stroke was the same I went to bed and woke up paralysed down the left side , I had no symptoms the day before I'd been to work and went shopping after work and I actually felt great ? I worry now about having another stroke but try to remember that last time I had no idea so now if I feel crap I just think it's not a stroke just my brain panicking!!! Hope you are still improving and remember to rest when you can, my vibration is there all the time but I notice it more when I've overdone things ? take care ?

Colin, I just wanted to say, "Keep doing what you're doing!"  You've helped so many people with you caring, helpful comments and insight.  Thank you so much! Love, Jeanne (2 1/2 year stroke survivor)

Dear Jeanne

you are too kind.

as i get further and further along that road to recovery, i cant empaphise as much as i used to. 
i noticed that after a year i no longer could recall the early days.

memory is something that doesnt seem to come back. I only know my own recent history because i read my own diaries. Thank goodness for them.

please note that there were plenty of people online who helped me along. The forum in those days was so much easier to follow. What a pity it has been changed.

i wonder what happened to those that helped. I am in touch with a couple. But perhaps there are dozens, if not hundreds, who have disappeared.

its blue sky and sun here in rural Essex. Hipe it stays like this all day. I think this is one of the coldest Aprils in years. My seedlings do not want to grow.

remember the mantra....

be positive

smile a lot

you are not alone




I think it's probably a good thing that you don't " remember the early days".  I'd like to forget all about them! Ha Ha.    I live in southern California,  and the weather is very beautiful. The bank in front of our home is a solid bank of pink and deep rose  brilliant color (iceplant).    Thank you for the "mantra".  I'll remember. Thank you. Jeanne

Still frosty mornings here in deepest rural Essex. Hasn't been like this for many years.

i dont mind thinking back to the early days of stroke, because there was always improvement. Slow, but improvement.

be positive

smile more than three times a day

you are not alone


It is only a couple of months since my stroke but I notice that I feel like I am shaking more when I get tired or if I am trying to do something that I am finding difficult.

About 14 months since being at the hospital, have recovered quite well but still sudden tremours for a short while in either leg thankfully not both at the same time and is usually at night in bed. Have mentioned this to the doctor who is not sure why. Had a short course of medication helped reduce the intensity a bit.


Hi Joyce I too get an internal shaking feels like I am cold inside is the best way to describe it. Very weird.