Has anyone else had a seizure due to their stroke and if so, how long after did it occur?

I recently started with seizures, 3 1/2 years after my stroke

Hi Daftmoney81,

I just wondered if you are having regular seizures? what is your doctor/consultant doing for this?

Some people can develop epilepsy prior to a stroke, and you can read more about this in the following leaflet produced by the Stroke Association -

I do hope you are receiving the appropriate medical support for this, as understandably it is not a nice thing to experience.

Take care


yes I have, 18 months after stroke. 

I understand it's not a common thing after stroke, it's just a bit of nad luck for some Survivors brains and their electricity waves in brain getting out of hand. medication has calmed mine down

to smaller weekly focal point seizures. a nuisance but tolerable.

the first one was a night, lots of twitching then unconscious, hospitalised.

how are yours?