Seeing the consultant


I had my stroke 3 weeks today. I'm seeing the consultant in a couple of weeks for the first time after the stroke. Anyone got any advice or information of what to expect and any questions that may need asking that I haven't thought of.

Hello Rach,

yes, if you’re seeing the consultant up at the hospital, you’ll fill in a questionnaire, give a blood sample, have your blood pressure taken,together with your height and weight. The main question would be what was the cause of my stroke? And what can be done to avoid another? A reason why the stroke happened would give you some closure. By the way, you’re fairly fortunate to be seeing the consultant so quickly compared to my nine week wait!


Thank you Brugge for the info! My BP is still high at the moment but going down - slowly. Hope your recovery is going well. ?

Write down your queries, doubt if you will recall otherwise.

Good point about "how to avoid another stroke".

Dont expect a great deal. Once we are signed off medically there isnt a lot the NHS can do for us. We need time, endless endless time and the NHS doesnt have any of that to spare. 

No two strokes are the same so the docs cant risk giving much info. It took ages to wangle an opinion as to how long before I am better ? And the answer, given in best faith, was years and years out.

My consultant seemed genuinely impressed that I walked in to his consulting room. Apparently few had walked lately.

There is a fundamental problem....when are you strong enough to hear the blunt truth ? Six weeks probably too soon. And maybe you are one of the miracle people who "get better" quickly.

After 3 months I was struggling with the time scale. But thats just me.

Good luck



Hi Colin

Hope you are well! Thank you for your reply. I am thinking of questions to ask the consultant.

I have just had a heart monitor fitted and now I've been called to go for sn bubble echocardiogram. It's stressing me slightly as it's in my head thst there is a problem with my heart, and I'm trying to get my BP down ?

Dear Rach

Most of us SS have an irrational fear of a second stroke. This fear does subside over the next few weeks. You are no doubttaking tablets to reduce the heart problems, so you are less likely to have a major heart incident than you have been for many years. Also, if your heart is dodgt, then you would have been unlikely to survive the stroke. Many die, we did not. So do have faith. And get the relaxation techniques in place. They work wonders.