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Is it me, but before the site was changed, you used to be able to see post older than a few hours.  I am unable to go in every day, so when I do like today you can only see the last 9 hrs activity under 'social' I used to get alot of information from other SS from the older posts, but how can I do this.  There doesnt appear to be a button to do this or am I just not seeing this!!  Any info please. Wendy

Hi Wendy

The posts listed in 'Latest activity' are the last ten posts/activity. If you click on 'Forums' above 'Latest activity' you can then scroll down to various different forum subjects - here you will see all the latest discussions and posts from users.

I hope this helps.


Hi Wendy, 

I have asked the same question as you and was given the same answer.  But my argument is that it is a much more laborious system to use and if you don't know what to search for the search function is useless. 


Hi Kay, I agree I have looked on the forum part, but unless you have a particular subject in mind it doesn't work.  I used to read back over all the posts and sometimes was able to pick up on something that clicked with me, but unless you are able to see all the older posts like previously, it means you have to go into every subject on the forum to see what others have put.  I have to say the previous system was so much easier. Wendy

Agree, agree, agree!!

Hi Vicki, thanks for the reply, but as I have said to Kay, unless you have a particular subject in mind you have to open every subject on the forum.  I used to read alot of the activity going back days on the previous system and it was only then that something might twig with me and help me understand something or think its not only me, etc..

I see that there has been quite alot of comments prefering the old system, and why it had to be changed, but if it is not working, wouldn't it be better to revert to the previous system, especially as the site is set up to help stroke survivors and carers, and it is making it more difficult.  There used to be an old saying:  If something is working then why change it.  or words to that effect.  Wendy

Hi Wendy - I'm really surprise that given all of our comments The Stroke Association are still plugging away with this modified site.  The site needs to be readily accessible by the most limited SS - they are likely to be the ones who benefit most from being able to contact other SS.  If it's straightforward for a struggling SS, that would be the best outcome for the rest of us as well.  Come on S.A. pleeeeease, we've begged enough already ?

Hi NicABella

Thanks for your message and feedback. 

I realise I replied to a post last week and did express that we are taking on board everyone's feedback and changes to the social page are happening. As I've mentioned before, these do take time and our developers are working hard with trying to make sure the site is accessible for everyone affected by stroke. The changes to the social pages happened a few months back due to feedback from users, but we understand these aren't as straightforward for everyone to use. 

Thanks again,


 Hi Vicky,

people have been complaining for several months! There is no way I can encourage my husband, SS, to even try this site when he sees me struggling. I’m usually pretty savvy but this tests anyone’s patience. 


How about road-testing it with SSs, a bit of primary research, and then the people who build the site could see first hand how obstructive it is!!  It's a shame as there's lots of good information - it's just rather awkward to access.  I'm sure that SSs wouldn't mind being guinea-pigs - no offence intended.  

Hi again NicABella

Many thanks for your message. We have tested every single part of the site out with stroke survivors, carers and family members and carried out rigorous testing prior to the launch in January. We did this again when we made the changes to the social forum.

My Stroke Guide is also demonstrated at forums/conferences where many people affected by stroke attend and offer feedback. 

Please trust us though when we say we are listening to your feedback, and taking note and you will see changes to the social pages soon - unfortunately they just can't happen overnight, but they are happening. 

Take care



Thanks Vicki - we'll get there in the end!!