Seasonal sniffles

ok heads up: this is a moan. but also a call for parallel experienceI have had a very heavy cold. first one for a very long time fortunately. so thats not very interesting right? I was just coming up from a fatigue episode. that  had lasted a few days. the cold symptoms have had the effect of super charging the fatigue. it is not a normal experience of a cough and sniffle. it is not flu. I do know the difference. but it has flattened me. quite a depressing. it coincides with some ver difficult times at work. where my performance is under scrutiny. so I expect the stress of that has contributed to me getting run down. plus the usual episodic fatigue has resulted in every day feeling like an everest expedition. which reminds me if you want a fascinating long read I recommend Into the Silence by J Wade. about the first Everest espeditions by George Mallory. hence my reference. 

one real bright spot was the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Sir Ian mc kellen in King Lear last week. just before the worstvof the cold hit me . commanding performance as you can imagine. was taken by my long suffering family  without whom I would be as lost as Lear on the moor. 

my aim next time is to post something positive. 

meanwhile I hang in there. and just keep on going.