*Scotland Only (Renfrewshire, or South Lanarkshire)* Physical Activity and Social Connectedness for Healthy Ageing

Researchers at the University of Glasgow are interested in talking to people aged 55-75, who live in either Renfrewshire, or South Lanarkshire, about physical activity and social connection.

What is the study about?

The Physical Activity and Social Connectedness for Healthy Ageing (PACES) study, aims to understand how different factors influence adults’ (aged 55–75) experiences of physical activity, social connectedness and where they live.

It explores how positive social connections and being active can prevent declining health as we age and help to identify different ways we could support people to be more active and socially connected.

What will it Involve?

We will ask 250 people to tell us about the people in their life using a social network survey.

Participants will do the survey twice, 18 months apart.

You will be asked to list people who you socialise with or consider to be part of your social circle. You will then be asked a variety of follow-up questions about your relationships with your social circle and whether you do physical activity together.

You will be given a £30 shopping voucher for completing both interviews.

Who can take part?

Adults aged 55-75 years, who live in either Renfrewshire, or South Lanarkshire.

How Can I Register my Interest?

You can phone our free-phone number on 0800 389 2129, email us at paces@glasgow.ac.uk, or visit the study website University of Glasgow - Schools - School of Health & Wellbeing - Research - MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit - Research - Relationships and health - Peer networks - PACES: Physical Activity, Social Connectedness, and Healthy Ageing Study