Went out first time in a very long time bit anxiety breathing well up and all the things you have to look out for very nervous as I thought people looking at me but did it felt exhausted afrter


So glad you are out in the world again! I bet you were exhausted–not only the physical part, but the emotional, as well, is tiring. It’ll become easier each time. Good for you! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Hi Micky , not sure if you went out on scooter? 3 days ago went on mine . 3/4 hour .only ! NO effort, just sitting & going very slowly , along path , in Worcester, by river. Now 3 days, in bed , absolutely wiped me out :joy: . Always surprises , how so little can effect me . However I can accept it , if not often. Very conscious of almost becoming nearly house bound , & my little world becoming even smaller. Yes people definitely looking at me , reason probably the fluorescent yellow scooter I bought, on the cheap, second hand . 2.5 years on from stroke, definitely don’t worry what others think. Look after yourself, David.

@Mickyboy go you. Am so pleased for you. Each time should get that bit easier. My dad used to pull funny faces at anyone he thought was looking at him……it made him feel better :grin:…he was disabled for many years. Well done x

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When I was embarrassed about going out in my wheelchair I was given the advice:
If people stare it’s because you’re so beautiful.


Glad to hear you did it haven’t beeen out today as anxiety got better of me why does it do that don’t go far as scared get lost sorry it wiped you out get well soon mic

Hi Micky, sun’s out, more positive. David.

Did it again today and went inside Co op actually brought something just have to go bit further now.

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Wow @Mickyboy you’re doing great. Well done. Have a good weekend x

Hi @Mickyboy , I just wanted to say I think you are doing brilliantly - keep it up

I’m going to tell my Mum (who is coming up to two years post stroke) of your progress - and hope she will be inspired to try some new things as well