Scared and frustrated

i am 47,i was fit and healthy,before my 1st stroke.5/3/17,i was wrongly diagnosed with labrynthitis for months,finally gp ordered ct,found id had cerebellum stroke,put on asprin after 6months back to work,started my running 8 months later,then 22/12/17.had another stroke, this time posterial stroke,vision issues,headaches,slight vertigo,but unable to drive safely or run.on clopedogrel since dec.ive lost so much weight,was healthy 9st,now 8 and i look ill but am struggling to eat.i have constant headaches/tinitus.then last week was told i could drive,this was a huge breakthrough .i have a bubble heart scan this week,and 24hr monitor nxt wk.only last friday i had a dizzy blackout spell on my stairs,causing deep tissue brusing on back and front rib.. i hit such a low on monday i rang samaratans.i had depression in 2007 when i lost only child to cancer after a 10year battle. i work for nhs so they arranged 4wks ago councilling,i have another session today,my boss thinks i need more as i am struggling ,so i have to tell counciller today that i just want to give up. its hard admitting it,i feel hopeless.

Dear Purdey,

I am so sorry to hear of what is clearly a very difficult time for you. It sounds as if talking to people might be helpful for you - I wish you all the best for today's counselling session and it sounds like picking up the phone to the Samaritans was the right thing to do. We also have a Helpline, which you can ring if you'd like to discuss your strokes and a friendly ear to talk about what you are going through on  0303 3033 100.

Welcome to My Stroke Guide, we are here for you. Know that you are in good company with many of our users having been through, or are going through very similar experiences.

Kindest regards,


(My Stroke Guide team)