Saturday winge

Today has been quite good but not so also

I managed to hobble into and around our local Tesco, accompanied by my good lady in search of some birthday cards and groceries, made a pit stop for a coffeehouse in the cafeteria.
The aftermath got me thinking that most of my day is filled with hobbling around the house with degrees of proficiency and dashing to the loo to avoid accidents. The future is more of the same discomfort and associated pain

I wish something would improve but no luck of late, sometimes I even get stick free action delivering tea or apple cores to the dog , I’m getting giddy with anticipation, then uncomfortable sleep and a torturous shower morning every Sunday. That is my eternity, god help me, thank goodness my good lady is still here, not sure what I would do without her.

Thanks Su I sound stupid, but it’s not very uplifting and the light at the end of my tunnel’s a long way in front and I want more than I have currently, the pain and discomfort in sleeping in a bed is too repetitive, better in a chair where my arm is supported and I can recline myself and sleep comfortably.


Hi, I thank god for our local Tesco superstore. I have been going there regularly since my stroke in 2017, firstly in my wheelchair, when I was discharged from hospital and I’ve progressed to walking with my stick. We go there most days, especially when the weather is awful and we can’t go outside for a walk. It’s great exercise and we always pop into the Costa Coffee before we head off home. I think it’s been great not just for the exercise but its a good sensory experience too, always lots going on. I would definitely recommend it.
We also try to get to our local Sainsbury, where I can use the stairs instead of the lift.

Keep up the good work

Regards Sue

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The future will also be full of more recovery. You are doing well & it’s great that you can get out for shopping & coffee.

Maybe speak to your GP re your loo dashing. There is loads they can do to help it & you don’t have to settle for it.

Keep going you’re making some good improvements.

The pain is neurological so will talk to the doc on Monday about upping the dosage of carbamazepine.

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Yes it’s all that keeps me sane but with an 8 year recovery timescale I lose my focus sometimes.

Yes it is going well but I need to refocus in order to keep up my efforts,codiene doesn’t touch the pain it’s neurological more of the carbamazepine I think

Thanks Lorraine I am guilty of being too negative about my long term recovery I guess and need a re balancing , so thanks again for the encouraging words.

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Thanks mrs5k,

Will get on it Monday.

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Thanks Susan Jane, I’m grateful for the progress I have made just too hard on myself which is not good and I must change my ways

I’m with you all the way on most things but I’m comfy when I’m in my bad. I also live alone but have go friends and two lovely daughters who visit regularly. I also got out for a short walk on my frame today which was quite nice, several local garden centres have been my Tesco’s over the winter. It is a walk inthe dry and warm. You’ll allowed a moan now and then but we all know we have to think positive. I hope you have a better Sunday!

I hear what you’re saying Georgie
Usually up best and keep on plugging away having made good progress since the stroke struck.
It’s good to discuss and am grateful for your support and helps me raise my spirits

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Had a walk albeit a slow one out in the garden in the sunshine, it’s the little things that makes my day


And now the weather is better we all will be getting out more. The vitamin D from today’s sunshine will surely boost folks moral a bit. Hoping to get out in the garden myself a bit more now and give it a tidy up :smile:

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