Saebo products

Hi everyone I am 5 years post stroke which paralysed my left side. I’m
thinking of buying a Saebo Glove and wondered whether anyone has tried one of these and what you thought of it. I have tried lots of different things in the past 5 years, without much success and thought I would give it a go. I am most interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Regards Sue.


Hi Sue , yes I have a Saebo glove . I use it to improve my squeeze and release of my weak hand . It’s quite difficult to get on and the elastic bands shoot all over the place :joy:. I didn’t find it very comfortable either :pensive: I imagined the elastic bands would pull my fingers out straight but it didn’t . Sorry to not be very positive about it the saebo stim has done more good for my hand I think . best wishes

OK thanks, worth thinking about. I actually already use the Saebo Stim regularly

Regards Sue

Susan_Jane, I tried the saebo glove and I had difficulties in getting my hand in (my fingers would not straighten. I also found the elastic tensioner a bit fidelity. Saebo refunded the money back. If I was going to try a glove again, I would try the music glove. Good luck Triciax

Thanks for your comments. So good to hear from people who actually use the equipment rather than just the company’s advertising which usually only gives the good side.
Regards Sue

Hi Sue,
I have a Saebo glove, which I use when gardening. It can be quite tricky to put on. I found the best way is to put the glove on the floor and (whilst sitting) slide my fingers in, palm up. I also have a Saebo Flex, which does work, but it is tricky to use on your own when springs etc get tangled, so I gave up on it. Generally IMHO these are the only 2 Saebo items worth the money.