Is anyone else on this?

I have just been changed to this from simvastatin 

Seems to be a mixed response to statins. Was originally on simvastatin, then onto atorvastatin, both has side effects. Now on an alternative non statin for cholestorol control called ezetimibe with no side effects. 

I was put on Rosuvastatin (Crestor) by the hospital after having my stroke. I have previously been on Simvastatin, Pravastatin and Astorvastatin. Rosuvastatin is the only one that actually lowered my cholestrol. The others all increased my cholestrol quite substantially and also caused muscle pain. I have been told after being admitted to A & E when unable to get out of bed due to weakness that it was due to the statins and I am allergic to them all.  However, I was really impressed with Rosuvastatin as it lowered my cholestrol from 8.2 to 4.6 in 6 weeks so a really good result. 

I have recently had another consultation with the neurologist and she is trying to persuade me to try them again as well as Clopidogrel instead of the aspirin I take now. My last cholestrol reading was 6.9 but my risk factor of heart failure is only 10% so my GP is not unduly worried but the consultant seems to think my stroke risks are increased by the fact I'm not on them. I'm still contemplating it and I'm due to see the neurologist again in about a month so may have to have the conversation then.  I'd be interested to hear how you go on taking Rosuvastatin if you don't mind sharing.

Hope you don't mind me asking but how are you getting on with ezetimibe? Has it lowered your cholestrol OK?

Yes, cholestorol seems under control and no side effects (for me) at all. There is no way I would go back to statins. But, as always, we are all different. 

Thanks! Definitely worth a try then. 

I am doing really well on Rosuvstatin .No pains or aches like i had on simvastation. I have just had my first post stroke cholesterol done this week on the 1st anniversary of my stroke ,to soon for results yet: but my cholestrol was boredeline when i had the stroke so I'm not expecting much change there,If you can at all do remain on Rosuvstatin . Its necessary for stroke health. ALL the best with you neuroologist consultation. Lj.

Its now 6 months  since I started on Rosuvastatin along side Clopidogerel  and feeling very good on them.After the first week on them all my muscle &joint pains disapeared. My energy levels also increased. They have reduced my total cholesterol from 5.2 to 4.0 .My cholesterol was normal when I had my stroke 15 months ago but was commenced on statins to ?? prevent further strokes .Hope this helps.

I sincerely hope you are progressing well and wish a very comfortable &Happy Christmas &all the best for 2020.


Neurologists info given to me by 3 specialists after seeking advice for post stroke brother who stopped Simvastatin 20g because of the side effects : 

All statins treat Cholesterol which are fabricated by the body itself whereas ezetimibe treats only cholesterol induced by food and not that created by the body.


My brother always eats low sugar foods & little fat so on docs advice he now takes 10mg Simvastatin and eats 3 big apples a day (I had lowered cholesterol naturally with apples alone) .  Results after 3 months - cholesterol down from 6.9 to 2.1. 



I had a TIA two months ago. Put on Atorvastatin and Clopidogrel since then. Only last week I changed Atorvastatin to Rosuvastatin due to the side effects I suffered from - muscle and joint pain plus headache/dizziness.  I have been on Rosuvastatin for more than a week.  Headache/Dizziness is the thing that bothered me every day.  Is it normal and how long the side effect will stay on???

As ever different for each of us. I switched from atorvastatin last September to rosuvastatin as I have had issues with all the the statins, I could not consume enough ezetimbe to have an affect.
Rosuvastatin is the least worse for side effects but it’s not without issues for me, six months on stiffness & brain fog are a daily bind but manageable with CoEzyme Q-10.
I also find variations with the different versions of the drug provided. Crestor 5mg seem to be preferable to other manufacturers they are twice the size but that’s not an issue to me. Clopidogrel, Amlodipine & losartan potassium are all larger tablets.

Hi you mentioned a supplement
CoEzyme Q-10? Did that actually seem to help with your brain fog. I am 6 months into my stroke and his brain fog just is not lifting

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Yes it helps me I find that 100 mg allows me to lead a normal life apart from 10 min powernap after lunch most days. I realise I am fortunate to do most of what I did before my stroke. I have learnt to work around my limitations.
Hope that helps.

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