Rollators, advise please

Wanting, to improve on my old one, looking at rather modern looking , almost slanted forward handles , 4 wheels & seat . ACRE does one, but bit pricey. Thanks David.

Try Careco they have offers and reasonably priced. Have a look. I have bought a number of aids from them…you also should be excepted from VAT

I use one from Careco. It is good, a four wheel one with a seat. It folds easily and is light to lift. It also has a large bag which I rarely use. I have a three wheel one which I use in the house. I hope this helps. Lilian


Hi Pliss, THANKS, no vat , yes has been good help . However, disadvantage, was bought 2nd hand scooter & did not benefit. Good talking David.

Hi Lilian , I have Rollator , that is rather cumbersome, particularly if I use at home, never used to ! So a bit of a concern :joy: . Stroke 2.5 years ago . Just had my PIP confirmed again, with a mobility allowance, which I do not spend ! Felt I might spoil myself , but want to get best item for my needs . Good talking David.

Hi David Thank you for your reply. At first I misread your message and thought you had put 25 years ago and wondered why after all this time you needed a rollator!. I now realise that I missed the decimal point. How much help do you need with your mobility? I can’t walk without mine but don’t find it cumbersome because it is so light. It would help to visit a showroom to see modern ones. Lilian

Hi Lilian, my mobility, at home , extremely lucky , bungalow, no stairs / walking stick, outside seem to loose confidence / rollator, short distance, or Luggie scooter. Has your mobility improved , do you get less tired . My poss challenge next , move bird feeder , so I can see out of bedroom window. Used to live in north Devon, loved the wildlife & farm animals. Worcestershire, now , great , but miss rather extreme countryside & cliff walks. ( Reality couldn’t manage, possibly. ) Good talking David.

Hi David. Thank you for your reply. My mobility is not as good as yours. I have tried using a walking stick but find I am better just grabbing on to a door frame or chair for support,perhaps not a good idea. At first I was unable to walk at all but with encouragement from my husband and a short while from the physio I gradually progressed.I too live in a bungalow, no steps or stairs thankfully. You must miss your walks in such a beautiful area? Good to talk. Lilian

Thanks Lilian . David.