Robotic gloves to stimulate hand movement

Hello fellow stroke survivors,
Do any of yo have experience of robotic gloves to stimulate movement in your hands and fingers? If so, did it work for you? I am looking in to this, as am so frustrated that I have no independent movement of my left hand and arm, but don’t want to waste money on something that’s not going to help me. Please, if you have any positive experiences to report, or recommendations of particular gloves you have used, let me know! Thank you so much, Wendyb1

@Wendyb1 hi & welcome to the forum. I’ve not used any robotic gloves but have seen some on sale from Flint Rehab. Might be worth a look. Hopefully someone will becalong who can offer a lived experience of something.

Hope you are gwtting on ok.


Ann x

No experience with a glove i am using electrial slimulationthe saebo multi stim strange sensation when you hand moves. This was demonstratated byba nhs physioupto present
No a miracle cure more movement in ar and elblow no t in handdesperate to to get my hand backslost my long time hobiescnnnnn. Fishing and photogragraphy. Hopescthis helps let me know how yoo get on purchased thevtheb Unit. On. Linrgoing to get a glove and elbow sleeve.withich. Give you Low level stimulation. Soon

Saebo. Multi. Stim

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Hi @Wendyb1 welcome to the forum, I’m sorry you’ve had to join us but
it’s a great place for seeking answers on all things stroke related and then some :smile:

Now I don’t know if Steve’s on this forum but I’ve seen him on both on facebook and tiktok…which is where I have actually seen him using a robotic glove in his rehab. He was new to it at time so don’t know how he progressed with it. You could possibly message him though through facebook…or tiktok. I’ve given you links below but I don’t know how they’ll work as we are having currently having thunderstorms, though now rain :roll_eyes:, so our internet is a bit iffy :wink:
Hope this helps you find answers :smile:

Hi @Geraldl just wanted to welcome you also to our forum, it’s a good community of fellow stroke survivors who are only too happy to help :smile:

@Geraldl hi & welcome to the forum. Good to have you here although sorry you had a stroke.

Best wishes.

Ann x

I don’t know about the roboglove. I have a Saebo Stretch which I find a bit fiddly to use (they can get pretty tangled) so have abandoned. The Saebo Glove is useful, as it is easier to use. They both require you to use your hand without administering any electrical assistance. I also have a Neuroball, made by all the items are only of use if you’re prepared to put in the time to use them. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to set that much time aside, as there is always something else that needs doing. Out of all the toys I own, the Saebo Glove is the most useful because I can wear it whilst carrying out other tasks.
I would be interested to know whether a robotic glove is of any use.