Reveal Device

Tomorrow  am goinginto hospital to have a reveal device fitted on my shoulder. I have  got AF and this device will assess my heart rythms and if I have an af it will notify the cardiologist. I am getting into a state about it and feel terrible this morning. My husband keeps saying its silly to worry about something before it happens but since my stroke I have lost my confidence and worry over everything. Does anybody know of them and can let me know what it will be like. Its implanted under the skin  on your shoulder. Norma Jean.

Morning Norma ,I've got to have mine the end of the month ,it only takes about 10 mins to fit ,and the fact that you can resume normal activities after says to me it's not too bad ,I was really stressing about having it but after getting my head around it I feel it's going to be beneficial,they stay in for the battery life which is 3 years ,try not to worry easier said than done I know but if they can detect af you can have the meds to prevent another clot being kicked off ,so well worth it good luck all will be fine xpippy x

Thanks Pippy I feel much betternow you have answered. I am in a state I think its the unknown wondering how it will feel afterwards. They know what they are doing thats the main thing. Thanks again. Best wishes Norma.

Dear Norma. I don't know anything about your procedure but I am sure you will be fine. I will be thinking of you. Best wishes. Lilian

Thanks Lilian for your kind wishes. I am sitting worrying about whether I have done the right thing having it fitted or not there is no turning b ack once it is there.   Norma.

Norma don't worry they would not be doing it if it wasn't the right thing. Lilian

That's ok it's only normal to feel apprehensive I will on the day before ,but yeah they know what they are doing and it's for the best that's how I see it if it can prevent having another stroke it's a big bonus ...your be fine after nice cup of tea ,if people can drive afterwards then it must be quite some ,it will feel bit sore but it will be done ..pippy x

What is it that you have having done

It's ok to be worried it's normal I would be concerned if you were not thinking if you des

Norma,  Don't feel terrible about it. It's not a big deal.  I'm so glad you are going to get this device! The cardiologist had me wear an outside Holter heart monitor for a day.  He said if they didn't pick anything up on it then I would have  what you're having put in, because they often can't pick up something in one day.   Well, they did pick up that I had afib (which caused my stroke, and which I was totally unaware of).   By you wearing this device, they can find out if you have afib.   I'm so relieved that they found it so they could treat it.   I am now on medicine to control the afib.   So, I don't worry anymore about having another stroke. It's a load off  my mind.   With your implant you can quit worrying, because they'll be able to catch anything that might be starting right away.  Also,  the reason I say it's no "big deal" having the device is because I have had a pacemaker installed in the same spot as you'll be having your implant.  It is much larger than what you'll be getting and in addition has wire leads that go to my heart.  It didn't take long at all  to put in, was not painful, and I went right home after and have had no ill effects at all. I'm so grateful modern medicine has so many wonderful things. So, just relax.  You are in the good hands of God's miracle workers on earth.  You will be fine.  Love, Jeannesmiley

Hi des it's called a loop recorder it's a device they put in bit like a pacemaker ,it stays in normally until the battery life is up around 3 Years and records your heart beat and rhythm,as they don't know what caused my stroke they are thinking maybe it's AF it's not showed up on any r test or ECG but this is over a longer period so if it is occasionally AF it will catch it and then have medication to hopefully stop any further strokes ,it only takes around ten minutes you can drive straight after if you feel upto it ,at first I was apprehensive but I've really looked into it and it's a good idea ,it just helps to find the cause if it is that ,hope your ok pippy x

Thanks for your reply I have af and am on treatment for it. Norma

Thanks Des for your reply. About to go now. Norma.

Good luck, but I’m sure all we be ok ?