Reveal device procedure

I have had the reveal device fitted this morning and thought I would put anybodies mind to rest about it.It only took minutes to put it in. The time was taken up by explaining the instructions of the box you have to plug in your bedroom that records any abnormalities and palpitations that may happen during the night. After a cp of tea and a five minutes rest I could go home. Hope that helps if you are having one fitted in the future. Norma.

Thanks Norma--Glad everything went well and that you shared your experience with everyone. Love, Jeannesmiley

Thanks for replying Jeanne. Hope you are improving.Norma.

Hi Norma glad it all went ok was thinking of you today pippy x

Hi Norma,glad it all went well. Hope you keep well. Lilian

Thanks Lilian . Norma.

All the best with yours Pippy it was all the worry beforehand that wasnt nice. Norma.

Thankyou Norma mines the 30th of this month ,is it a bit sore today or ok ..pippy x