Returning to work

I have sort of hit a brick wall with this as I understand it an employer must make reasonable adjustments to work to allow you to return my sick line ran out in October in as much as my doctor signed me fit for work
Despite repeated requests from my employer to extend my sick line I refused and I was deemed as returned HR then got involved and all went quiet and I mean very quiet no contact at all but now this morning I have been summoned to an assessment on Thursday I’m not sure how to handle it as I am being assessed on unfamiliar machinery due to the time involved I’m a year post stroke I’m wondering if any of you have any guidance or advice I want to return to work as I see it as another step in my recovery


@Briansmith1962 employers are supposed to put in place readonable adjustments to enable you to return to work. What is classed as reasonable will depend on your employer. For example the civil service would be expected to put more in place than your local family run firm.

If you need some advicec I would try calling ACAS or Citizens Advice. Are you a union member? If so give them a call too.

Have you had an occupational health assessment done? This would be useful as it would advise you & your employer on what you need to enable you to return to work.

I would ask your employer what you can expect on Thursday & what they are expecting from you / the assessment.

If you have a union rep perhaps you could ask them to be present as some support for you.

Good luck & hope all goes well.



Hi @Briansmith1962. Great that you want to start the process of returning to work. I think all of the posts so far have given good advice :heart: as acas and citizens advice have been helpful, there’s also Access to Work which is a government scheme looking to help you get back to work.

Access to Work

Also there is some great links on Stroke Association and Different Strokes:

Stroke Association Getting Back to Work

Different Strokes - Our Information Pack

Best of luck with everything and let us know how you get on :blush:

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Thank you all the assessment is only being attended by line manager and the safety team not OH no adjustments have been offered or suggested the only request I made was for an automatic vehicle which was hired last week but given to another member of staff I’m not sure what I can suggest to then most equipment we have is ancient and not very user friendly

If you need some adjustments making to enable an effective return to work you could ask your GP for a fit note listing adjustments required. I’d still advise you to speak to ACAS so you know your rights.

Hope the assessment goes well.


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Does u GP think you are fit to work as most say you can work if the firm does this and this etc. Also hearing mind stroke fatguie do not do too much too soon as this could set you back with kind regards des

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Acces to Work can help with adjustments/equipment to help you do your job and with travel to work.

I’m the grumpiest human on the planet tonight but thought I would share the end of this story today I had my contract terminated on medical grounds so that’s that I suppose

@Briansmith1962 i’m really sorry to hear this. I’m not surprised you feel grumpy…it’s a big deal.

Msybe the start of new beginnings though. Once you’ve had time to reflect & adjust.

Sending my very best wishes xx

It’s more anger really about how it went my go did a positive report highlighting how determined I had been and how I progressed over the last year and the reporting OH doctor completely ignored anything the GP said and in fact he even said that in his report and never bothered his back side to even speak to me

Another thing theOH doctor said in his report that after 6 months post stroke there is unlikely to be any improvement

I can’t believe OH ignored your GP & even worse drew a conclusion without speaking to you. Your OH dr sounds like a numpty & i’m not surprised you’re angry.

Strange question this OH doctor wrote that after 6 months there is unlikely to be any further improvement is there any information that can contradict this initially I thought if that was the case why is the NHS still devoting physio resources to a so called lost cause

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@Briansmith1962 sorry to hear what has hapoened to you
I have recently returned to work on phased return and my OH assesor made a point of saying they can only make recommendations and it is up to me and the employer to come to an agreement as to wht is best for me/them. Im not sure who can advise your legal or employment rights, maybe start with Citizen Advice Bureau. Good luck

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I don’t know if it will help, but our page on Neuroplasticity says specifically:

"This process is known as neuroplasticity. It begins after a stroke, and it can continue for years. "


"There is no time limit on neuroplasticity, and it doesn’t only happen during therapy. "

You can find it here: Neuroplasticity: re-wiring the brain | Stroke Association