Returning to work - triggers

I’ve seen a conversation thread from people who were talking about returning to work.

I have my own business and went back to work 5 months after my stroke. I only focused on admin work as I didn’t feel ready or confident enough to advise people on legal issues.

This morning one of my colleagues asked me to help them with some finance work. I was scrolling through my computer and came across some similar work that I did 2 years ago. Only problem is that when I was drafting those documents that’s when I started having TIAs.

So until now I’ve hesitant to go back to work full time as a lawyer. I’m even thinking of a career change but that is also scary for some one who have been in the same industry for half of their lives.

I’ve tried doing volunteer work, but found it very frustrating as things tend to move fast in the legal world. Decisions are made quickly and we don’t spend days or weeks mulling over what to do.


@joy.alliy Well done on getting back to work. You’ve done really well getting back after 5 months. Its difficult isn’t it when you associate certain things with bad things happening & trying to put those thoughts to one side can be very hard.
I wonder if you should try building up to the legal stuff a bit at a time. Maybe a small issue to start with to build some confidence back up?
Career changes are scary at any time but can sometimes be the best thing. I have a friend who took a leap of faith & left the NHS & she says its best thing she ever did.
Whatever you decide i wish you lots of luck.
Best wishes

Ann x

Hi @Loshy and @Mrs5K thank you for your advice.

Being a lawyer was extremely stressful and I’m convinced that it played a major role in my stroke, as the only pre existing condition that I had was asthma.

Even before the stroke I told my partner that I would quit soon as I wasn’t enjoying it any more.

Unfortunately I developed very bad habits, I didn’t eat during the day and worked very long hours. My sleep hygiene was poor but I tried to compensate that with lots of exercise. So now I would like to do something that hopefully create a better work-life balance.

@joy.alliy it does sound like it was quite stressful for you. I think one thing we all want/need post stroke is as little stress as possible. I hope you manage to find something you enjoy with much less stress.
Best wishes


can understand very well.
i also wish someone can just hire me and pay me to do some peaceful art/ planting or some social help
don’t want to do my job anymore…but it pays my bill…so this horrific circle is difficult to break…

Keep trying. You might find something according to your strength.

All the best x

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Hi everyone apologies for the delay in responding to your messages. I was preparing for a panel discussion about Ethnicity and Stroke.

I enjoy taking to people and listening to their stories, and for a long time it was like that when I was a lawyer.

But since I started my practice it isn’t as fun anymore. Especially having to wear many hats, from being a lawyer to sorting my finances. Bringing in clients, dealing with suppliers, paying taxes on time. Attending conferences and trying to market the practice. Acting as HR, training younger lawyers, dealing with resignations and hiring new lawyers.

I used to love the law, researching different areas and advising clients accordingly. But after the stroke I realised that people were taking advantage of my skills and still had high expectations of me.

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@joy.alliy that panel sounds interesting. I bet it was really good hearing everyones stories.
Your job sounds like it changed a lot from the legal aspect to jack of all trades. Would getting back to just the legal stuff be an option for you,?

Thank you every one for your thoughts and advice about a career change. I spoke with a work advisor earlier this week who was recommended to me by my local council.

The work advisor had some good advice regarding my transferable skills and options if I wanted to remain in the legal industry.

We decided that I should try and do some volunteering at the moment and then gradually move on some thing else like teaching law, or being a legal editor.


That sounds really encouraging. Good luck with whatever you try xx