Returning to work after having had a stroke - time sensitive


Please note, the podcast mnetioned below is normally available for 28 days per the BBCs current guidelines. So apologies if you are reading this after the podcast is no longer available.

In case you are reading this within 28 days of 11 December 2023, you may like to listen to the Jeremy Vine radio podcast from 11 December which includes a topic “Returning to work after a stroke” in which a doctor answers questions on this topic.

If you like listening to the radio, or you are looking to return to work after a stroke this may be worth listening to.

The topic is covered after the one o’clock news at around 1 hour 3 minutes mark (just over halfway through the program).

The below link takes you to the podcast


@ManjiB thank you for sharing this. I will return to listen later when i can give it my full attention.


I was really disheartened listening to this show, Jeremy vines opening comments that ‘ I guess strokes don’t happen to people who are fit and healthy and ‘as thin as a pin’ really angered me - mainly because I was that person, and I had a stroke, just 6 weeks before this was broadcast. 46 years old, 6ft tall and less than 10 stone, didn’t drink or smoke, ultra runner, cyclist, climber and mountaineer, yet one morning in October - BANG - I suffered an Ischaemic stroke.


Glad I didn’t listen. I was a super fit horse rider/owner, runner, lifted weights and did pilates/yoga everyday. Didn’t drink, gave up smoking a few years ago and ate really well. What a stupid thing to say, I would guess most stroke survivors are not 20 stone, alcohol swigging, chain smokers, even if Mr Vine thinks they are.


Hello @Rufus
I am really sorry if this upset you - it was not my intention.
I thought it may be something useful to those who were looking to return to work post stroke.
Perhaps, going by your comments, the podcast helps illustrate the ignorance and lack of knowledge around the subject of stroke.
Once again, my apologies for any upset I may have caused by creating this post.
Wishing you all the best as you recover from your stroke.


No upset caused. It was just so annoying to hear what should have been a great opportunity to highlight the challenges of stroke in working age people be rubbished by Jeremy Vines unthoughtful comments right from the off.


Hi @Rufus ,

Glad you were not upset.
I think it is unfortunate that Jeremy Vine is one of those presenters who might not appeal to everyone and he has been known to put his foot in it.
Following your comment, I decided to listen to the podcast again, and found it interesting. I thought the doctor, Sara Jarvis gave good advice and also the callers shared some interesting experiences including a pilot who returned to work.
Also they seem to be calling it a “Brain attack” rather than a stroke.
I wish you all the best Rufus as you recover from the stroke. Please make sure you get all the help yoiu can get, especially the physio as in our experience this seems to be an important part of the recovery process, but of course we are all different.


Hi @ManjiB

I have just listened to it myself, and only found about four minutes worth of conversations in amongst about five songs. Before it disappears, have I missed something here?


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Hi @Mb1991 ,

The program will expire on Wednesday 10 January 2024 at 2pm, so you may still have time to listen to it.

The stroke discussion starts just over half way through at about 1hr 5 min mark and follows the Paul McCartney Wonderful Chirstmas Time song if that helps. Jermemy Vine and Dr. Sara Jarvis discuss and speak with callers and the article ends about 1hr 30 min mark. In between there are a few songs.

I haven’t timed the conversations but I am sure there is quite a bit of information and includes callers who talk about their personal experiences including a pilot who went back to work and another caller who says (I think) his stroke was due to a hole in his heart.

I hope you get to hear it. If not, I guess there may be even be contributors to this forum who have experience of going back to work.

Wishing you all the best.


I listened to this podcast today and downloaded it and edited out the music and the fluff and it’s about 15 minutes of conversation between Vine and Sarah Jarvis (?).

I’ll put it somewhere and link to here for anybody else who wants to listen to it. With a fair wind it’ll get speech processed to auto_extract a transcript

Shame it perpetuated the idea that FAST is reliable - If you listen casually. if you listen carefully Sarah does actually say there are many other indicators - I suspect for general listening by the uninitiated it will have communicated some messages. Strongest message was ‘have a stroke and become an airline pilot’ - Well okay that’s slight hyperbole but not a long way from the delivered message :frowning:

For us it perhaps gives more of a window into the lack of information and understanding.

There wasn’t much on the challenges of going back to work, on the reasonable adjustments, on the fatigue that may result, and the reduced hours etc

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Yes, I pricked my ears up when she said TIA’s disappear within 24hrs :open_mouth: Afraid my brain never got the memo :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
She left me with the impression there were no ongoing symptoms and you could go about your day as normal. Or maybe I did hear that bit as I was still suffering from shock :rofl:

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